Accruals (General Overview)

Accruals (General Overview)

Accruals would be set up in the format of a profile. Once profile(s) are built, the profile must then be attached to the employee or new hire in order to actually accrue time.




To check on the profiles available, navigate to Hamburger Menu > Gear Icon > Profiles and Policies > Accruals > Profiles


Once there, you can click into the pencil to see the rules per profile. Typically clients would not be able to edit, but this is a great starting point to understand the options of profiles you'd see assigned to employees. Typically you'd see "Full-Time" or "Part-Time" etc. as naming conventions, depending on your policy. Each profile would include all time off categories that apply to that specific employee's accrual policy, meaning you will not see a "Sick"  and "PTO" policy, as they are both included in the single profile for Full-Time.


Assigning Employees Accrual Profiles


If an employee is NOT accruing time, most likely the profile that would apply to this individual was not assigned.


To assign or check on a profile, navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > My Team > Employee Info > click on the employee in question - look for profiles:


Locate the "Accrual" profile and add the profile that is applicable.



To check on a larger scale, navigate to Hamburger Menu > Gear Icon > Mass Edit > Mass Edit Profiles:


Choose the ellipses > add/remove columns - then search "accruals" - choose "Add" to move "Accruals Profiles" and apply.

Once the data is showing which profiles are assigned you can then check boxes next to the individuals that need the same profile assigned then choose "Mass Edit"



Once in the Mass Edit Screen choose the Accrual Profile that applies to all employees selected. Then apply the change.




Once you determine that profiles are properly assigned and understand how the profiles relate to accrual balances you can now pull balance reports.


Check Balances


Balances can be found in a few different places. The most common is on the timesheet itself when determining if an employee's time off request should be approved.


To get to the timesheet navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Time > Timesheets> All Timesheets - Pencil Icon to open the timesheet.


Click on the ellipses to see "Time Off Counts"





Time Off Counts:



The second way to view balances is through a report.


Navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Accruals > Balances


Once the report opens, choose the drop-down "Basic Accrual View" as seen below.



Once the report is pulled up, the "Hours Remaining" column that will show the balance the employee has.



If you need to make any manual changes or view history, click on the icons specified above.


Manually Adjust Balances


By default, the system looks for the payroll processor to execute accruals at the end of the payroll process on each check date. The accruals themselves typically look to the timesheets so if a change is made to hours in payroll but not reflected on the timesheet, accruals may have been calculated, but not based on the updates made in payroll and rather based on the timesheet. In this scenario, a balance may need to be updated manually to reflect the time taken in payroll.


To update balances click the Pencil Icon. Enter today's date in the "Accrue To" bucket, Hours Remaining would be a new BALANCE (not what to add or subtract), and be sure to leave a comment for your audit trail.


Payout of Balance for Terminated Employees


In order for the system to zero out any EARNED (not sick) time to be paid out to an employee upon termination and to reflect as a zero balance on the final check, you must terminate the employee with the correct termination date. Upon terming the employee the below window will appear.


"Calculate and Update" will pro-rate the amount accrued to the termination date if applicable.

"Ignore" will not pro-rate.



The balance owed to the employee will populate on the employee's timesheet and when the manual pay statement is created,  enter the amount of time to pay to the employee. Be sure to "Preview" the pay statement to ensure the balance is showing zero.








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