Advanced Scheduling - Posting Open Shifts

Advanced Scheduling - Posting Open Shifts

This article will go over how to add Open Shifts to Advanced Scheduling and the process by which employees can request as well as how Managers Approve or Deny the request. 


Note: Open Shifts would be shifts that you would like to post to the Schedule and allow employees to pick up the shifts.


To create Open Shifts, login into your Elevated account.


Go to Hamburger Menu > Team Icon> Schedule> Advanced Scheduling> Schedules


Click on the pencil icon of the posted schedule you would like to post open shifts to (or if creating a new Schedule, these steps will be done after choosing "Add New").



Choose the drop-down "Post Open Shifts" under Manage Open Shifts. Then to post the shifts, click "View By Week"






The open shifts as seen below are on the left-hand side and need to be posted. To post choose "Manage Open Shifts" at the top of the Open Shift Column.



Once you click the "Manage Open Shift" a new window will be displayed, choose the shifts you would like to be able to pick up the shift or choose "Send to All Employees From Schedule", and select the "Schedule Open Shift Request" workflow, then choose the date you would like the shifts to be available for pick up until and choose "Post".




Once the Open Shifts have been posted as well as the Schedule, the employee will be able to request to pick up the shift(s). Below is how the employee would see the Open Shifts to request a pick-up.

Employee View/How To Pick Up an Open Shift:


From the employee's account under My Info> My Schedule> Schedule > click "Show Open Shifts"


The employee would click on Show Open Shifts. Then all open shifts will show on the date with open shifts will have dots along the bottom of the date. Then on the date, the calendar icon will allow them to click the icon and request to pick up the shift.


Select the shift you would like to request and click "Submit".



Once the employee requests to pick up the shift, the manager will be notified and will have the option to approve or deny the shift to be picked up by the employee.


Manager View/Approving/Deny:

Now that the employee has requested to pick up the shift, the manager must Approve for the shift to be assigned to the employee requesting the shift. Below are the steps the Manager would take to complete the task.  


From the manager view on the dashboard locate the mailbox where you're My To Do Items will be listed. Here, the request to "Approve/Reject Schedule Open Shift Request" will appear. Click on the request by clicking the blue arrow.



From there, you will see the request and if you scroll down you must select the employee you want to Approve/Reject. Then click Approve/Reject.


Once the Manager Approves, the employee will receive an alert via the bell icon and the shift will be assigned to the employee. If the Manager Rejects, the employee will be notified of the rejection and no action will be taken on the Schedule.






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