Advanced Scheduling Reports & Navigation

Advanced Scheduling Reports & Navigation

Below are some reports you may want to refer to when managing the schedules. There may be additional reports needed that pull in time along with scheduling based on what data is needed but the below really covers reports related to coverage, etc. All navigation paths are below. Don't forget that when you find the report you like, you can then add the report to your dashboard for easy access at any time. Here's how: Customizing Your Dashboard

Open Shifts Report:

Shows all open shifts.

Open Shifts: Team > Schedule > Reports > Staffing > Open Shifts


Summary by Employee Report:

Summary by employee: Team > Schedule > Reports > Staffing > Summary by employee




Employee Availability and Preferences Reports:

Availability: Team > Schedule > Reports > Staffing > Employee Availability

Preferences: Team > Schedule > Reports > Staffing > Employee Preferences


Requests Reports:

Shows any shift swaps or Requests pending out there.

Open Shift: Team > Schedule > Reports > Staffing > Open Shift Requests

Coverage: Team > Schedule > Reports > Staffing > Request for Coverage

Shift Swap: Team > Schedule > Reports > Staffing > Shift Swap Requests



Scheduled Overview by Date Range:

Schedule Overview by Date Range: Team > Schedule > Advanced Scheduling > Schedule Overview









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