Basic Scheduling (Included with TLM)

Basic Scheduling (Included with TLM)

Basic Scheduling is a function of timekeeping and is used when scheduling is pretty "basic" and repetitive. Basic scheduling can be set up along with Advanced Scheduling but each employee can only belong to one or the other, and cannot be part of both scheduling tools. Advanced Scheduling is not always included in your package. 

To set up a basic schedule, do the below.

Please note that if you'd like alerts like "Absent", "Tardy", or "Late" to appear on the timesheets, a Green Leaf representative may have to turn this on for you.
Basic Scheduling:

Hamburger Menu > Gear Icon > Profiles & Policies> Scheduler > Daily Rules


Enter the name (best practice name by the time in/out and if lunch is auto or not)

Free Flow allows total hours whereas fixed lets you enter the start and end.

If you need more options, Green Leaf may be able to add more options. Free Flow and Fixed are the most commonly

After all, are created, go back to Hamburger Menu > Gear Icon > Profiles Policies > Schedules and click on "Work Schedule". Here you'll be creating the day + Hours and assigning.

When creating, if you choose "Weekly" you can create more than one week, for example, if an employee works M/W/F one week then T/Th the next you'd choose Weekly then make sure the drop-down shows 2 (or more) then choose accordingly from the drop-down for the 2 weeks. Pay attention to the start date of the schedule to make sure it lines up.


Next, apply to the employee under profiles.

The schedule won't show up on the timesheet if timesheets are already created but will show on the next.

 To check your work, go to the employee's timesheet (shortcut, click the employee link  - then this will show "All Timesheets".


Hit Ellipses: > View Schedule

This is also where you'd be able to edit.






If you need to manually add during the open pay period, go to edit schedule, you'd check the box next to the employee - Add Schedule, choose the drop-down, and add the date.


With the basic scheduling, no further posting/unposting or anything along those lines would be needed. 

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