How to Send Broadcast Notifications (Emails)

How to Send Broadcast Notifications (Emails)

Broadcast messaging is a form of communication that allows administrators and managers to send messages to employees in mass. While this form of communication is intended for multiple recipients, it can also be used to send messages to single recipients. Templates can be defined and applied to make creating and managing communications easier. If you have enabled and are using Broadcast Messaging, you will only be able to use this functionality for those employees you have access to through security and/or group permissions.

Broadcast Messaging Templates  

Within the templates, messages can be defined in the Email/Mailbox Message. The Email/Mailbox Message text box doesn't have a character limit,  

An iCalendar attachment and appointment can be defined and is supported for both Email/Mailbox.

Once created, these templates are stored in the Company Notifications configuration area (Global Setup > Notifications) for later use/configuration.

Sending Broadcast Messages to Employees  

Assigning employees to a Broadcast Message is done from the Employee Information report. To use this feature, you must select one or multiple employees using the checkboxes provided and then select the Communicate button.

Within the pop-up, you can manually create a message using your own wording and the provided system tags if needed. If you have created templates, this is where you would select to apply them. Once a template is selected and applied, you will still have the option to edit the text or enable/disable communication methods and also enable the iCalendar attachment.

When enabling a calendar appointment, you must set the When/From/To parameters for the appointment.

When sending out a Broadcast Message to employees, the option to specify when to send (Date and Time) the message is available in the Schedule section. Please be aware that selecting Send as of will create a new template so that the message can be sent out at a certain date/time. This template should not be deleted until the specified date/time has been reached and the message(s) have been sent.

When ready, select the Send button and the message will go out to the recipient(s).


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