Cancelling Pre-Note

Cancelling Pre-Note

If you have set up your account to require any new direct deposit to be set up as "Pre-Note", then the first time an employee is paid on their bank account, they will actually receive a live check, while we send a blank ACH file to confirm the accuracy of the direct deposit on file. If you'd like to cancel the pre-note allowing the first payroll to process on direct deposit, please follow the below steps.


Note: If the account is not accurate, one of two things may happen. The first would be that if the account was off by only one digit, then the bank may take longer to deposit the amount than usual. If any employee states that they have not received funds, be sure to have them confirm the account on file is correct. If the account is off by 1 digit then the funds will find the account usually a day later than usual. If the account is completely wrong, then you may pay the employee the net amount house and when the funds reject from the bank, we can refund your business account.


Cancelling Pre-Note:


Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Payroll > Employee Payroll Maintenance > Direct Deposits


Once there, find the employee(s) then select the box next to their name and choose "Cancel Pre-Note"



If you're in a current payroll, after you cancel the pre-note, navigate back to the payroll and recalculate the pay statement or pay statement(s). Pull the register to ensure direct deposit took place on the pay statements before submitting.



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