Cannot Reject Timesheets Due to Security or Workflow Settings

Cannot Reject Timesheets Due to Security or Workflow Settings

"Cannot Reject Timesheet(s) Due to Security Or Workflow Settings"

This error will typically appear if the timesheet has been locked and/or if the workflow automatically approves/locks a timesheet, which is typical for "Salary" employees.


To unlock the timesheet you need to "Reject" the timesheet but in order to "reject" the timesheet you must first unlock it.


To do so, navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Payroll > Process Timesheets


Once there, find the time period in question, then click the people icon.



Once on the next screen, click the person or people's timesheet that needs to be opened.

Then choose "Unlock Employees"


Once this step is complete, there will be an alert that the timesheet is unlocked. Navigate to the timesheet by going to the timesheet (or for a short cut choose the ellipses and "add/remove" the button below which will give you the option to go straight to the current timesheet"



When on the timesheet, the "Reject" button will now appear which will allow you to make changes to the timesheet or allow the employees to as well.


 If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your assigned specialist.

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