Credentials - User Name, Password, Login.

Credentials - User Name, Password, Login.

By default, when you add a new hire, as soon as you activate the "account"/employee profile, the new account (even if this is adding an accountant) will receive an email with a login landing site, company short name, user name and the password assigned, as seen below, which comes from When the user logs in for the first time, they will be prompted to update the password. Below covers user name, password reset, unlocking accounts, AND clearing the Two Factor Authentication. 

Finding User Name/Updating Password:
Navigation: Hamburger Menu > Team Icon >My Team>  Employee Information > Select the employee in question by selecting the "Employee Information Icon" seen below. 

When you open up the employee information navigate to the "Account Information" tile. There you will see the User Name. You can then enter a new password. After you save, you can share the new password with the employee. When they go to log in the next time, they will need to create a new password. Keep in mind, that "Account Information" may be under a different tab, depending on your view. 

If an account is locked,  simply navigate down on the account information screen to find the "Locked Box" and then uncheck the box as seen below. If you don't see the box, you may not have access and would need to reach out to your account representative. 

Sample of email to be sent upon new account or activation. 

If you have current employees whom you'd like to send activation emails please follow the steps below:

Navigation: Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > My Team >Employee Information
Once there, choose the box next to the employee that needs activation (or all if just getting started with Green Leaf). Then choose the ellipses in the upper right corner as seen below: 

Once the ellipses are open, choose "Send Account Created Email". This will initiate the email to go out. 

NOTE: if you have new hire checklists activated for ALL new accounts, you may need to ensure you don't send new hire checklists to the account you just activated. In order to check on this, go to your search menu found above the hamburger menu. Search "Checklists" when you see the checklist option listed below, select this option.

Once you're on this screen, you will see which checklists are assigned to users. If you find that a new hire checklist is assigned to an employee or access user that is not a new hire, simply check the box next to the user, then choose "Delete" in the upper right corner. This will eliminate the to-do list for this user to complete new hire paperwork a true new hire should be completing. 

Video on unlocking one at a time, OR Mass Edit! 

Two-Step Authentication

When downloading the mobile app, the app will request a code to verify the user. The system will use the mobile phone or email address on file. If you find that the information on file is not correct, you will need to first update the employee profile THEN you must clear the Two-Step Authentication. If you do not do this step, the mobile app will continue to attempt to send the code to the original info on file. 

Quick Steps: Under the employee info, locate the Two-Step Authentication widget and click "Clear Virtual Code Settings". Instantly the employee can receive the code to the new contact info on file. 

Video on Clearing Two-Step Authentication

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