In order to update deductions, first make sure that your company deduction codes have been set up. If you don't have them active, please reach out to your payroll specialist.


To see Deductions on file, navigate to the Hamburger Menu > Gear Icon > Payroll Set Up > Deduction Codes


After the codes have properly been set up, you may now set up Deductions on employee records.


Adding Deductions

Navigate to the employee record (Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > My Team > Employee Information > find the employee and choose the "Employee Information Icon to open the employee record.


Navigate to the "Payroll" Tab.


Once on the deduction widget, the current deductions will be listed. To see all prior as well be sure to choose from the drop-down as seen below to see prior deductions.



Add New Deduction


Choose the top ellipses of the Deduction Widget.


If setting up a deduction that is tied to a vendor or a garnishment, choose the "Deduction Wizard" to go through a series of steps to ensure all information is captured for the deduction. Both the "New Deduction" and "Deduction Wizard" steps are shown below.


Add "New Deduction"


Step 1: Initiate Adding New Deduction

Choose the ellipses to "Add New" deduction.

Once the box opens, choose from the dropdown the type of Deduction.


Step 2: Configure the Deduction Settings

The Scheduled Deduction Section will require a "Begin Date". Be mindful of this date when related to the payroll processing date being close to the  "Begin Date".

If no End Date - leave blank.

Choose the Vendor - if applicable.

Note: Vendors MUST be added if any payment is to be dispersed or report related to the vendor. For example, on a Garnishment, the vendor would be the agency. For Medical, it may be your broker. If a Vendor is set up, please confirm with Green Leaf if you'd like a check produced for the deduction amount or ACH payment. Payment setup is not automated unless we initiate it for you.

Step 3: Configure the Employee/Employer Portion of the Deduction

Choose the applicable Amount Type. (Flat Amount/%)

Enter the $ or % amount.

If Minimum or Maximum is applicable, enter.

Choose Frequency. If Every Scheduled Pay - please select if the 3rd or 5th payroll should be skipped (Bi-Weekly or Weekly clients).



Follow the same steps for the Employer Portion if applicable.


Step 4: Add Arrearage (if applicable)





Step 5: Choose "Save and Add".

This will update deductions on the employee's record.


If this is updated while payroll is being processed, be sure to go to the employee's open pay statement and "SAVE" to allow the pay statement to re-calculate and update the deductions added to the employee record.


Deduction Wizard Steps (best for garnishments)


Step 1: Choose the type of deduction



Step 2: Choose the Deduction Type

Step 3: Enter the information

Enter the Start Date (this date will affect which payroll the deduction will take place on).

Enter the Obligation Date if known.

The case number would be found on the court order.

Choose the State this order is for.


Choose the Deduction Code (if none fit the description, please reach out to your payroll specialist).

Choose the Vendor (if none are available or none that fit the deduction, please reach out to your payroll specialist)

Choose if the Deduction will be a Flat Amount or % of Earnings.

Once chosen, enter the $ amount or %.



Select "Next"


Step 4: Confirm Information & Add Supporting Documents

The next screen will give an overview of the deduction. If all looks good, move on to the next screen. In the final step, you can add supporting documents for the deduction (such as a garnishment order). Select Done once complete.


By default, no vendors will be set up unless there is a current deduction that was set up with Vendors. It's common to need support on your first garnishment setup.

Maintaining Deductions

If you'd like to see All Deductions in a Report fashion, navigate to the Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Payroll > Payroll Maintenance > Deductions 

This will show all current deductions and can be exported as well as updated from this screen. 

When on this screen you can filter and export the report via the Ellipses (YELLOW BOX).
To Edit the employee Deductions - choose the Pencil Icon (GREEN CIRCLE) 
To use the top (G REEN BOX) Actions - choose the box next to the line item then the action items on the top will become available to choose from. 


If any additional help is needed - please reach out to your payroll specialist.  




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