Employee Update Withholding Forms (on Employee Self Service)

Employee Update Withholding Forms (on Employee Self Service)

Employee Update Withholding Forms
In this video, we cover how to update your withholding forms for both Federal and State documents. 

The navigation path to get started is Hamburger Menu > Personal Info Icon (Single Person) > My HR > Forms > Government Forms > Withholding
Once in the withholding section, you can add a new form by clicking "Add New" in the upper right corner. 

Then depending on what you're trying to update, you'll need to choose the + Add next to the document you'd like to update. Be sure to choose only the state that applies to your tax situation. If the company you work for employs in more than one state, you may see more than one option. If you don't see the state that applies to you, reach out to your company administrator. 

Once in the form, you'll be prompted to fill out all required fields. After you have completed be sure to "SUBMIT" in order to have the information updated in the system. If you only SAVE, your information will only be saved but not fed in to payroll for tax withholding updates. 

Upon hitting SUBMIT, any blank fields will appear in red. Complete all, then Submit. Upon successful submission, you'll be prompted to enter your password. 

If you need to update another form, click the back arrow and follow the same steps as above. The system will not assume changes from Federal to State and vice versa. 

Errors and the Back button are referred to below:

Video on the full process: 

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