Employee View/How To Pick Up an Open Shift

Employee View/How To Pick Up an Open Shift

Employee View/How To Pick Up an Open Shift


If your employer allows for "Open Shifts" to be picked up, the Open Shifts will be present in your account. The article below will cover the process of viewing "Open Shifts" as well as how to go about requesting to pick up the shift.


From your employee account navigate to the Hamburger Menu > Single Person Icon > My Info> My Schedule> Schedule > click "Show Open Shifts


Once there, click on "Show Open Shifts". At that point, all Open Shifts will be indicated on the calendar on the left by dots along the bottom of the date that an Open Shift is present. On the date, the calendar icon will allow you to click the icon and request to pick up the shift. 

Select the shift you would like to request and click "Submit".

Once you request to pick up the shift, your manager will be notified and will have the option to approve or deny the shift you have requested.


When the manager approves, you will receive a notification and at that point are responsible for the shift and the shift will appear on your schedule.


Please note - if your employer does not allow for Open Shifts, this process will not apply. If your employer does not allow for maximum hours to be worked past per week, you may not see Open Shifts if your current hours meet the maximum. In that case, you may have to request the open shift directly with your manager outside the system.‚Äč
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