Geo Fence - Set Up and Overview

Geo Fence - Set Up and Overview

In order to have a GEO fence set up, we must first set up the functionality on the timesheet. Then we would need to indicate what address the GEO fence should look at, which would be added to the cost center. All steps are outlined below. 

Enable functionality
(Company settings > profile/policies > timesheet) Geofencing is enabled in Timesheet Profile's rules. The Check Distance rule allows you to specify the type of punch and specify a distance in kilometers or miles from the Company, Default Cost Center, Working Cost Center, or employee's Home address. When this rule is added to a Timesheet Profile, Change Cost Center actions are interpreted as IN punches.

Default Cost Center - coordinates taken from the employee's cost center as defined in the Employee Profile

Working Cost Center - coordinates are taken from the cost center entered during the act of punching, or the cost center already populated on the employee's timesheet, which can come from a schedule or default

Home - coordinates are taken from the employee's home address as defined in their Employee Profile
Use Company Address as a fallback if punch has no Cost Centers defined–This option will use the Company Address defined under Company Settings > Global Setup > Company Setup, under the Company Information tab, if any of the following occur:
There are no-cost centers associated with the punch or with the employee’s schedule.
The cost centers that would be used in the rule do not have the Enable Geo-Fencing (Mobile)option selected.
The cost center does not have latitude or longitude coordinates defined.
The employee does not have a default cost center assigned in his/her employee profile and the Default Cost Center option was selected in the rule.
Use Distance specified in Cost Center when applicable –This option overrides the distance set in the rule when the Default Cost Center or Working Cost Center options are selected. The distance restrictions specified in the cost center override the distance restrictions in this rule.

Cost Center settings configuration (Company Settings > Global Setup > Cost Center)
Under the settings icon, check the boxes to enable the Address on the desired levels
If multiple cost centers will be used by the employee, the Default Priority of the tree used for geofencing must be set to "1 - Highest Priority"

Within the cost center tree, add the address and check the box to enable geo-fencing.

Data Storage - To store the location of punches, the Personal Data Policy and Store Location Of Punch must be enabled at the company level (Company Settings > Global Setup > Company Setup, it might be necessary to select Edit Tabs to add the Personal Data Policy widget).

User Permission - The employee must allow the app to access their location.  The employee will need to have a network connection (cell or wi-fi) when punching unless the timesheet profile is configured to collect offline punches.

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