Google Authenticator Download & Login Steps

Google Authenticator Download & Login Steps

This guide will outline how to download the Google Authenticator app and utilize it to log into the system. 

To start, navigate to the app store on your phone, search Google Authenticator, and select to download the option shown below.

2. Once downloaded, you can select to Get Started at the bottom of the screen. Please note that you will be prompted to create an account - this is optional and you may select to Use Authenticator without an account if you don't wish to create an account.

3. On the following screen, select the Add a code button in the center of the screen and then choose to Scan a QR CodeYou can alternatively choose to Enter a setup key, which is shown in the Secret Key field in the Green Leaf System.


4. You will then scan the QR Code that is present when logging into the Green Leaf Elevated System or enter the Secret Key provided (example shown below). 

Once you've successfully accessed the authenticator, you can then utilize the code that appears to log into the system when needed.

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