How to Add a Job

How to Add a Job

How to Add a Job


In this article we will review the steps to add a new Job into the system. Adding Jobs gives you the ability to prefill information, making onboarding and transferring employees much simpler.


Via the Hamburger Menu, navigate to Gear Icon > HR Setup > Jobs, and click the "Add New" button in the upper right corner.


On the next page, enter the Name of the Job, and select "Default" as the Category. ("Default" Jobs are shown when adding new employees to the system, when building different requisitions, and the column is readily available in many different reports. This classification is not required, but we do recommend it in general.)


Enter all information specific to the job, and the description into the Job Description Field. Make sure that the "Allow Override at Employee Level" box is checked off next to the Employee Type and Pay Type options, even if you want the job to have one specific Employee Type or Pay Type available from the drop down menu.







If your company has multiple EINs, after you click Save, you will be prompted to select which EIN(s)/Cost Center(s) the job should be assigned to. If the position will be available company wide, select all EIN options.


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