How to Assign Checklists

How to Assign Checklists


This document outlines the process for Green Leaf clients of assigning a checklist to one employee or several employees at a time.
Please be aware that this guide is not all encompassing and that the checklist settings are customized per client. If you have any questions regarding a specific checklist within your system or its purpose, please reach out to your HR Consultant or the email for more information.

Assigning Checklist to Employee(s)

  1. Log into your Elevated account.
  1. Navigate to: Team > HR > Checklists > Checklists.
  1. Click the Assign New button located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  1. On the pop-up:
    1. Use the employee look-up icon shown in the screenshot below to add employee(s) that need to receive the checklist.
      1. Be sure to click Apply to finalize the selection.
    1. Then choose the correct checklist to assign from the drop-down shown below.
    1. Be sure to Save when finished to assign the checklist(s).


  1. You can view the completion of these checklists by using the % Completed column shown below to track the progress.


You may repeat the steps outlined above as needed to assign as many checklists as needed to your employee(s).

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