How to Correct / Update a Contact

How to Correct / Update a Contact

How to Correct / Update a Contact


This article will show you how to make corrections/changes to existing contacts (Emergency, Dependent, or Beneficiary).



Employee's should be able to update their Account Contacts by Navigating to Hamburger Menu > Single Icon > My Profile, then selecting Account Contacts from the options on the left, and following the steps below.



To change the data for a member of your team, navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Employee Information, locate the employee that needs the correction, and click Employee Information Icon. On the Employee's Profile page, click Account Contacts under the Employee Personal Information Section. Click the Pencil Icon, or the elipses, which may give the option to view/edit as well.


In the pop up that opens, you will be able to correct spelling / update contact information. Make sure to click Save once complete.

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