How to Manually Add a Non-Employee User

How to Manually Add a Non-Employee User

How to Manually Add a Non-Employee User


This article will cover the steps required to Manually Add a Non-Employee User to the system. Non-Employee User accounts are useful for administrative roles, or if you need to create a test account to see if a new process is working correctly.  You will learn how to add a user into the system and make sure they are not added to Payroll, so able to access the required information without also receiving Pay.


Step 1: Initiating a New Hire


In order to add a new hire, you can either navigate to the My Employees widget on your dashboard or navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team Tab > My Team > Employee Information.



Once there, select the Hire Button and click the pencil next to the type of account you are going to add to your system (Employee or Non-Employee User).


On the next page, complete all of the required information, paying special attention to the Employee Type, Pay Type, and Timesheet Profile, which should all be set to Not In Payroll


After you click submit, the employee will be added into the system after a brief 5-15 minute delay.


**NOTE** AFTER you have completed adding the employee, you must go into their profile and change their Account Status to "Not in Payroll" and unselect the box for "Add to New Hire Export"



This final step is important to make sure they aren't pulled into any reports that are based off of "Active" employees or exported to any vendors as a new hire.


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