How to Verify I9 Forms

How to Verify I9 Forms

This article will cover the steps required to verify an employee's I9 Form within the system. Once an employee has submitted their I9 Form during the onboarding process, an administrator and/or manager will receive an email notification notifying them that it has been completed and that it is ready for verification. Please be aware that the steps below will demonstrate how to go directly to the report to verify forms. However, you will have the ability to go directly to the employee's onboarding checklist to complete this task if needed.

To begin, please log into the system and navigate from your menu to the Team Tab > HR > Forms > Government Forms > I9s. From this report, locate the employee's form and confirm that the Status states Employee Completed before selecting the Pencil icon to the left of the record.

Review the information submitted by the employee in Section 1 of the document before navigating to Section 2 to complete the verification.

Please make sure that you have gathered the necessary verification documents and are either reviewing a document from List A OR documents for both List B AND List C.

Please be sure to enter your title with the company in the Employer Information section of the form and confirm that the company address is accurate.

Once Section 2 is completed, select the Save and Verify button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

In the pop-up window that appears, please enter your password or wet signature to Sign the document and enter the employee's Start Date in the provided box before selecting I Agree.

Once complete, the I9 has officially been verified and the form's status should now show s Verified (Online).

Rejecting I9s

If an employee's information is incorrect in Section 1 and it needs to be updated, you can select Reject I9 within the form to send it back to the employee to correct. 

Please be aware that if you reject the form, you must enter a rejection reason in the pop-up window to identify what needs to be corrected before it can be re-submitted.

Once rejected, the form will be sent back to the employee's to-do bell to re-complete. The system currently does not send an automatic notification if an I9 has been rejected, so if you do reject the form please reach out to the employee and let them know that they need to log in and make corrections.

Unverifying I9s

If the information that was originally entered into Section 2 of the form is incorrect, you can select Unverify I9 within the form to open it back up for corrections.

Once the form is unverified, make the necessary modifications and then select to Save and Verify again. You will be required to re-enter your password and the employee's start date as done previously to officially verify the form.

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