How To View Employee Accrual Balances

How To View Employee Accrual Balances

This article will show you where to navigate to review your team's Accrual Balances, as well as locate the specific info you are looking for in the report.


To start, Navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Accruals > Balances


On the landing page, you will see a button to click that says "Run Report".  You can choose to filter the fields before or running the report (if you are only looking for one employee's specific balances for example), or you can run the report and then filter the results.



The Time Off Type will show which bank of accruals you are viewing, the rest of the information on the page lays out the amounts (in both Days and Hours) Earned, Taken, Scheduled, Remaining, and Available. (Please note, the difference between Remaining and Available
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