InTouch 9100 Step By Step Guide

InTouch 9100 Step By Step Guide

InTouch 9100 Step-By-Step Guide


To utilize the InTouch 9100-time clock, you must first establish the clock in the online Green Leaf Elevated portal. Second, assemble the clock and establish an internet connection. Third, the clock needs to know who the manager is as well as enroll the fingerprints for employees. All steps are listed below as well as any troubleshooting that may be needed. Every step of this guide, except enrolling employee fingerprints, has been completed by the Green Leaf team.



Register your Clock to the Green Leaf Elevated Account


 Log on to the Elevated system with your account:

     - Navigate to Hamburger Menu > Gear Icon > System> InTouch Installations

     - Click on “Add New” located at the top right of the screen

     - Enter the clock Serial Number (SN) that is located on the bottom of the physical clock and click “Add”. When adding the clock, you may rename it to add the location or indicator of the clock for ease of finding clocks later on.

NOTE: The clock's Serial Number (SN) will normally start with 00JC - you can also name this clock by clicking on the "middleware" icon.

    You will see the new clock that is added to your company if you have multiple clocks you can filter by the Serial Number field to find the clock or by the naming convention.

    Take note of the Device ID and Password as these will be entered manually into the physical clock, these numbers are found here:

    - Navigate to Hamburger Menu > Gear Icon > System > Terminals (External)

    Click the Pencil on the Clock added to edit the settings as seen below. You can update the clock name, filter the employee group that should be on the clock, and update the time zone.

    Update the "Idle Screen Message" to say "Choose the Action Icon then Enter Badge or Finger". This is the message the employees see when they approach the clock.

    Update the Manager Password to "115190". This will be the password the managers use along with the badge ID they have assigned to their employee profile when assigning fingerprints to the employees.

    Choose "New" for the Icon Style. This dictates the button icons on the clock.


    Now to set up the "soft keys" or the buttons the employees and managers see on the clock. When clicking on "Soft Key #1" as seen below, choose the box next to the soft key.

    Once the box is checked, the options to add the icons and settings per icon of your choice become available. Below are the suggested options. You may add as many soft keys and options as you'd like.

    We recommend the icons related to employee functions have the below settings.

    Any settings that only managers should be responsible to perform, the settings would be as seen below:

NOTE - for the Manager Settings Icon - be sure the view access is EMPLOYEE for the access to be available from resting. This then would prompt the manager to enter credentials (Badge + Password) that will grant them access to all other soft keys set to manager access.


    Once you are done adding/enabling all the Soft Keys you would like to show on the clock – which will be AFTER your clock has been set up on step 2. If any changes are needed after your initial setup, the steps below will help to refresh the clock with your changes. If this is the first update – no need to do the remaining steps.

    Click on “Save” located at the top right of the terminal screen

    Hit the “BACK” icon once


This concludes the Elevated platform portion of this guide. The next steps will review setting up the physical clock.





Configuring the Physical Clock

    Power the clock on

    Select the default language

    Hit the physical Menu button on the bottom left of the clock and select Maintenance Mode and enter password 115190.  

    Click on Settings > Communication Settings > General Communication

    Click on "Device Initiated"

    Enter the Device ID found under the “Device Id” column of the clock within your System Administrator’s Elevated account under System->InTouch Installations

    Enter the Primary Server Password found under the “Password” column within your System Administrator’s Elevated account under System->InTouch Installations

    Set HTTP-SSL to No

    Primary Server to INTOUCH5.SAASHR.COM

    Primary server Port to 80

    Primary Server Instance ID to 1

    Click submit


    Once it says it was successful click on IPV4


The next steps are having to do with IP Settings and Wi-Fi connectivity.  

Setting clock to use DHCP/ Wi-Fi


    Select Settings> Communication Settings> IPV4 Configuration

    Select DHCP

    Speed select “Auto”

    Select Submit and wait for the Accepted settings alert

    Once it says it was successful click on Wi-Fi

    On the top right switch from “Off” mode to “On”

    Select the Wireless network you want to connect to and click on “Connect to network”

NOTE: If there is no password on the wireless network you are connecting to it will obtain IP automatically using DHCP. If you would like to set static to follow the steps below. If there is a password, please move to step b.

    Click on the name of the Wireless network again

    Select “Modify network”

    Click on the box next to “Show advanced options” to enable

    Click on “IP settings” and select “Static”

    Drag your finger on the screen upward to scroll down the page

    Click on “IP address” enter in IP you want to set the clock to and hit “Next”

    Type in Gateway IP address and hit “Next”

    Type in Subnet mask and hit “Next”

    Type in Primary DNS server IP and hit “Next”

    Type in the Secondary DNS server IP and hit “Next”

    That will bring you back to the main network configuration page where you can click “Save”

    Click on the “Password” field and type in the wireless password

    If you want the clock to use DHCP for the IP address you can just hit “Save” or if you want static to enter an IP address, continue through this guide.

    Now go back until you see the home page of your clock’s interface/Maintenance Home Page and select Settings > Remote Access-VNC

    - Click on “Enable” and enter and verify a remote password (Suggested Default: 123456, if the system rejects due to restriction, please contact Green Leaf support at

    Click “Submit” wait for verification that remote access has been configured and proceed to the next steps

    At your clock’s home page select “Tests

    Select Communications and hit the play button at the bottom of the screen

    If the test is successful and registration is True

    1. Yes, the test was successful and registration was True; back out until you see the maintenance mode home page and select “Log Off” on the top left of the screen

    2. No, the test was successful but registration was False; back out until you see the maintenance mode home page and repeat the steps of this guide.

    3. No, please check the internet connection on the clock and run through the steps to confirm manual entries were correctly entered.


Your clock is now ready to start enrolling employees’ fingerprints! Be sure to follow the steps to set up managers and employees prior. Below are Static IP instructions as well. If needed.







Continue for: Employee and Manager Set Up, Setting




Clock to Use Static IP

Setting Clock to Use Static IP


NOTE: We suggest that all static IPs used on the clocks be reserved so no other device on the network attempts to use the same IP.

  1. Select Settings> Communication Settings> IPV4 Configuration

  2. Select “Static” on the right-hand side

  3. Enter in IP address and hit Enter

  4. Enter in Subnet Mask and hit Enter

  5. Enter in Gateway Address and hit Enter

  6. Enter in DNS primary server IP and hit Enter

  7. Enter in DNS Secondary server IP and hit Enter

NOTE: If you do not have one you can use a public DNS IP Example: Google public DNS server IP Primary- Secondary-

  1. Select “Auto” on the right-hand side for Speed

Click “Submit” wait for the accepted settings alert and tap the screen to dismiss




Continue for: Employee and Manager Settings Needed to Access the Clock











Employee and Manager Settings Needed to Access the Clock


Employee Badge Set Up 

To ensure employees are ready to use the clock, they must have a Badge ID assigned to them in the online system. To add badges or check to see if badges are already assigned, navigate to the Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > My Team > Employee Information. Once there the Badge ID is usually listed as seen below:


You can see here that there is no badge ID assigned. We must then open up the employee record to add a badge ID. Click on the employee info Icon. Search or locate "Badges" Once there, enter the desired badge ID and SAVE.

Note: Badge IDs cannot start with a leading 0. Be sure to give managers Badge IDs as well as this will be needed for them to register fingers.


This badge ID will be what the employee uses to set up a fingerprint or if allowed, to punch in and out.



 Manager Set Up 

To tell the system if a user is a manager to gain access to the manager settings on the physical clock, you must set them up in the web portal.


To do so, navigate to the employee record: hamburger menu > team icon > my team > employee information


Find the Manager that should have access and click the employee information icon.


Locate Hardware Settings. Change the dropdown to "Manager" and save.

Note: this setting is not needed for employees


The manager will use the Badge + Password assigned on the clock settings in step 2  (page 2) under System Settings. You can always navigate to the Gear Icon > System > Terminals (External). Choose the pencil next to the clock you'd like to verify the password for and you will see it listed.


Note - if you have more than one manager you can update them in the Mass Edit area of the system.



Maintenance of Employees and Clock Settings

After the settings have all been established, you can check on the data (badges, employees, fingerprints) by checking in the clock terminal. To see the data, navigate to the hamburger menu > gear icon > system > terminals (external) - once here, choose the pencil next to the clock in question. Once there, in the upper right, click the ellipses and choose "View Accounts"



The next window will list the employees that have been pushed to the clock, the badge ID associated with them, and if they have a fingerprint that is associated or not. If an employee does not have a Finger Print or has the wrong Badge ID, be sure to enroll the finger again and/or unenroll the incorrect badge ID.



Now if you make changes to the employees, the system will auto-update every 30 minutes or so, but if you want to force an update you can do so by navigating to hamburger menu > gear icon > system > InTouch Installations


Once here, click the computer icon.


Now you can click the gear icon. The gear icon will force an update and will update any new data entered in the system to push to the clock.

 4. Using the Clock/Enrolling Employees 
  1. Now that the soft keys are present, go to the clock and choose the "Manager Settings" icon:

  2. Enter your Badge ID (found in Elevated directly, by default usually the last 4 of your SSN)

    1. If you need to find this, log in, navigate to hamburger menu > team icon > my team > employee information > find the employee (you),  and look for Badge ID.

    2. Enter the Badge ID followed by Password 115190

  3. Once in choose Enroll Finger 

  4. Enter the employee's badge ID - then you'll be prompted to scan your fingers.

    1. If successful, you will get the following message.

    2. If you get an error on the badge number, please verify the employee's badge number on file and/or verify the "Cost Center" assigned to the employee. The Clock has each employee loaded based on the Cost Center assigned.


 Employee Process 

  1. After an employee has the fingerprint initiated, they can then choose the “Clock In/Out soft key or Icon and then scan their finger. At that point, the system will clock them in/out.

  2. Employees can check accrual balances

  3. Employees can view punches

  4. Employees can add multiple fingerprints







 If  you're experiencing issues after all the above troubleshooting please reach out to your assigned representative for support.



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