Manager #1 is receiving error message "You cannot change state of this timesheet." "Timesheet cannot be approved and will be skipped."

Manager #1 is receiving error message "You cannot change state of this timesheet." "Timesheet cannot be approved and will be skipped."

This error is referring to the workflow settings. 

Typically the workflow would be that the employee submits the timesheet, and the manager (typically Manager 1) would be the one to approve. If a manager is receiving this error, it's either because they aren't marked as Manager 1 on the employee's record or they aren't Manager 1 at all. 

To fix the problem, we must first understand, is this a workflow issue or the manager issue. 


The first step is to look at the employee whose timesheet can not be an approved record. Choose the "Employee Information" icon or navigate to Hamburger Menu> Team Icon > My Team > Employee Information - once there search "Manager" to see who is Manager 1 for the employee. If the section is blank or the wrong manager is, update it. This should solve the issue.

Now if the manager on file is correct, the issue may be in the workflow. To check on this follow the steps below. 

To check on the workflow, navigate to the Hamburger Menu and search "Workflows" - select Workflows Global Set Up 
Then locate "Simple" as seen below and choose the pencil. 

Once the workflow is open, you can see below that the "Approver" is Manager 1 (unless this was updated during implementation). If the intentions are to have a different manager or person approve, you would need to click on the boxes highlighted below and choose from the drop-down to change the approving title. Now keep in mind, the changes here will affect any timesheet assigned to this workflow (which in most cases is all). If you're not sure about the changes, please feel free to reach out to your assigned representative to assist. 

Here's how to change Manager 1 after clicking into the box as mentioned above. 

After the changes above are made, the manager should now be able to approve the timesheet. 

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