MCA- Importing Job Titles for Employees

MCA- Importing Job Titles for Employees

How to Import Employee Job Titles for Multi EIN Clients


To pull employee job titles into the system for a multi-EIN client, you will need to do an employee import.

However, before you can build and perform the import, you must first ensure all jobs are in the system.
If you do not have the jobs in the system prior to performing the import, you will receive an error message and be unable to complete the import.
To add jobs in the system, follow the steps below:

Hamburger Menu> Gear Icon> HR Setup> Jobs> Add New> Enter Job Info> Save

Once you have added all jobs to the system, you are ready to build your import. To select the import template, follow the navigation path below:

Hamburger Menu> Gear Icon> Imports> Overview> Select Employee Import

You will need to ensure that the employee's first and last name, default job, employee ID and EIN are filled in.

Once completed, you will go to Admin icon > Imports > Employee Setup > Employees to import the information> Select File> Test> If No errors Given, Select Import.
If Errors Are Given, Correct and Repeat Steps Above.

If you receive error messages or warnings, the page will look like this. You will have to correct the import template (Each warning or error is listed for easy reference).

If you do not receive any warnings or errors, the page will look like this. You would then select the blue "Import File" box in the upper right corner of the page to complete the import.

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