Missing Payroll E/D Code For 1 Record

Missing Payroll E/D Code For 1 Record

When pulling hours into payroll, if you receive the error  "Missing Payroll E/D Code For 1 Record" it may mean that there was a new earning/deduction code that was not tied to the payroll sync (the profile that brings hours into payroll). In the instance that the new code is not tied, Green Leaf would need to assist but below may also be issues that you can resolve on your own. 

It could also mean that your pay type and employee type don't match. 
FIX:  Check on the employee's record, search "Pay" on the employee record and update the pay type. Then go to the employee type and update accordingly. 
After you SAVE you can go back to the payroll processing/time prep steps and click "Process" to run through the employee records again to eliminate the error. 

It could also mean that you marked the employee as termed but the hours on the employee are past the employee's termination date. 
FIX: Update the termed date to the correct date on the employee record. Then navigate back to the payroll processing/time prep steps and click "Process" to run through the employee records again to eliminate the error. 

In the circumstance of the new earning code mapping, Green Leaf may have to hop in and help out. Once we are alerted, we can sync the info quickly and once we let you know the sync has been updated, you can go back to the Time Prep screen, click "Process" and the error should be resolved. 

For the quickest resolution, when alerting Green Leaf of the issue, please be sure to include a screenshot and let your contact know if you had any recent changes to earning codes (even unpaid time off) that could potentially have caused this issue. 

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