New Hire Steps

New Hire Steps

In order to start your new hire paperwork, please navigate to the bell icon in the upper right OR you can find the "New Hire Checklist" in "My Mailbox" as seen below. Both options are indicated in RED.


Once you choose "My Checklist" in the mailbox, you can then click the arrow as seen in the green box below to start the "New Hire Checklist".


Then choose "Go To Checklist" as seen below.


Once you're in the New Hire Checklist, you should see a screen similar to the below screenshot. Keep in mind, that each employer has different steps, which may change the steps available in your view.



To start the process, choose the step on the left in the red box then the action would become available in the middle of the screen as seen in the green box below.   When the wording is BLUE as seen in the Green Box it is actually a hyperlink and will take you through the steps to finish the task. Once complete with the task, be sure to click the back arrow if present on the left to go back to the checklist and mark each step as complete as seen below in the blue box.




For some of the screens such as I9, Personal Information, Direct Deposit, and other HR Actions you may have to choose "Add New" in the upper right to actually start the document. In this case, when you complete the form, be sure to hit SUBMIT rather than SAVE to complete the document. Saving will only save your work. Any required areas will highlight in RED and not allow you to complete them. Once done, hit your back button as seen in the Green Box.

After you complete all steps, your checklist should appear as seen below with all items marked complete and your "Complete"  bar at 100%. If any of the  listed items are not Green be sure to open the task and mark it as complete, which will then bring you to 100%


Congratulations on your new position!


If you need any further assistance, be sure to check out the other videos in the Knowledge Center!

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