Leading Retirement Solutions- Online Enrollment Guide

Leading Retirement Solutions- Online Enrollment Guide

If your employer offers the Green Leaf 401K, all enrollment information will become available on your Dashboard at the time of open enrollment. If the 401K is new to the company, or if the 401K is existing, you may see the "Green Leaf 401K" visible on your dashboard right away.


Below is what the dashboard will look like from your home screen. Click on the Dashboard to expose the videos and links used to enroll in your 401K.



Once on the 401K Dashboard, tutorial videos will be available to walk you through the enrollment process. In addition, all links to enroll will be below the videos.


The 401K Enrollment Portal will allow you to access your account. If you're an employee, choose "Account Access - View My Account"



Step One: Identity Verification




Once you have chosen "View My Account", click "Register to access your account" to start your registration.


Verify your identity by entering your personal information, then click "Save and Continue". Note: The SSN does not require dashes, but the Date of Birth does need slashes (ex. MM/DD/YYYY).


Next, you will be prompted for a Two-Step Verification. A one-time code will be sent to the provided email. Enter this code to proceed.




Upon successful account identification, you will then be prompted on the next screen to set up your new login credentials.



 Registration is now complete. You'll be prompted to return to the Login page.






Step Two: Account Access


Now you can log in with your new credentials.



Now that you're logged in, you will be prompted to further set up your account. First is your personal email address. This will help provide a backup if you ever are locked out of your account.



After you've entered your email, you will then need to establish the frequency of your two-step verification. This includes how the security code is delivered and how often. Once you've decided, enter your password to confirm.




Step Three: First-Time Enrollment


Next, you will begin your enrollment process. The Online Enrollment Wizard will walk you through each step. The wizard will help you set your e-Delivery preferences, contribution amounts, and investment elections where your contributions will be invested. Please note that you must complete the entire process for changes to take effect.



Once you've gone through and completed each step, click "Enroll Now".



Before you finally submit, you will see a summary of all of the selections and updates made. To make further changes, click the "Edit" button near the desired section. When you are ready, click "Enroll Me" to complete your enrollment.



Setup complete! Your enrollment elections will be loaded into your plan so your new elections can start promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions: 
  1. How long does it take for my deferral change amount to update in Green Leaf?
    1. Typically once deferral amounts are updated in the 401K portal, the change will reflect by the next check date. We recommend to ensure your change is effective for the upcoming check date to make the change at least 5 business days before check date in order to account the fact that payroll usually is completed at least 2 days prior to check date, therefore if you make changes too late, the change will not reflect in the payroll but will be active on the following check date. 
      1. To verify your deferral amount in payroll, login to your account click on the Hamburger Menu > Single Person Icon > My Information > Mu Profile > Payroll Tab > Deductions. There you should see the amount you're enrolled in. 
  2. How long does it take to see my contributions in 401K account?
    1. Typically funds should be present in your 401K account anywhere from 5-15 business days after the check date has processed. If you don't see funds in the 401K that you expected, please first confirm you are enrolled in the plan and see deductions on your last pay statement. If you are enrolled and still do not see funds, please reach out to your company administrator. 
  3. What do I do if I was auto enrolled and did not want funds to be deducted?
    1. Once you have been auto enrolled and had contributions deducted from your pay, there is a 90 day permissible withdrawal available. You may request that your automatic deferrals and any earnings on those deferrals be distributed to you as long as you make the request in writing within 90 of when the automatic deferrals were first withheld from your paycheck.

    2. ‚ÄčHow to Request Permissible Withdrawal: Submit your permissible withdrawal request to service@leadingretirement.com, if eligible, the distribution form and instructions will be provided to you.

      1. Notes: The permissible withdrawal process will include you updating your online account to set your deferral election to 0%. Permissible withdrawal is not a requirement to opt out of future automatic deferrals. You can log into your account to set your deferral election to 0% and leave your first contributions in the account.



Please see the attached downloadable file Online Enrollment Guide for your Leading Retirement Solutions portal. 

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