Pay Statements - Printing, Viewing

Pay Statements - Printing, Viewing

Pay Statements can be located and viewed in many different areas in the system.


For example, when on the employee profile, you can click the link icon to access shortcuts and see "Current Pay Statement" or "Pay Statement History Records", depending on the amount of data needed.



In either case, when the selection is made, the Pay Statement can be viewed via the "View Pay Statement" icon, or when on the actual pay statement itself, the "Preview" option will give the option to download the PDF and print.




If multiple Pay Statements need to be accessed and printed, the best route would be to access them via, the Payroll Reports. Navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Payroll > Reports > Pay History > Pay Statement History Detail.


Once on the report, update the date range by clicking on the blue pill in the upper right.



After the dates are chosen, select all pay statements that need to be emailed or delivered. When using the term "Delivered" in Elevated, we are referring to printing or emailing. As pay statements are chosen, the "Email Pay Statements" and Deliver Selected Statements" will now become available.



In most cases to print multiple pay statements, you must "Deliver" (email) to yourself and then print. After selecting the pay statements needed, choose "Deliver Selected Pay Statements". The below pop-up will appear. Choose the "Destination" which is the email or groups of emails to which the pay statements will be sent. In most cases leave the "Non-Negotiable" button unless you're reprinting a pay statement. The bottom choices will dictate if you'll receive one email per pay statement or all combined. After choosing Send, you should receive the email within 5 minutes.




If the error below occurs, this means that the policy to tell the system where to email or deliver the data has not been set up. To set up, navigate to your Hamburger Menu > Gear Icon > Payroll Set Up >  Delivery Destinations



Once on the destinations "Add New".


On the new profile, name accordingly.


Under the Type dropdown, choose "Email". Choose how many emails addresses you'd like to include in this group or 1 leave it as is.


Enter the recipient's email address, the from an email address, and subject then SAVE.


This Delivery Destination Profile will now be an option when attempting to deliver pay statements.






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