Payroll Alerts

Payroll Alerts

Payroll Alerts are a great way to set reminders to alert the payroll processor of items to check on, or info to add to to payroll. Alerts can be added by managers and/or the payroll processor, helping eliminate any room to forget information while processing.

Set Up Payroll Alerts


In order to set up a Payroll Alert navigate to the employee record (hamburger menu > team icon > my team > employee information > locate the employee and click the "employee info icon".


Once on the employee record, navigate to the payroll tab.


Jump to "Payroll Alert" and choose the ellipses (...) in the Payroll Alert widget. Choose "Add"




The window below will appear.

Choose from the dropdown the applicable alert frequency. After the frequency is chosen additional criteria may require completion, such as "Number of Times" as seen below. The options to choose from are below.

All - will appear on All payrolls until edited (great for ongoing reminders)

All After - will appear on All Payrolls after X date (great for future reminders)

All Until - will allow you to choose an end date to stop the alert (great for time-related alerts such as draws)

Next X Payroll - will allow you to choose how many payrolls (great for loans paid back or x payrolls or just 1 payroll to alert)

Specific Date - choose which date you'd like the alert. (great for commissions only paid on certain dates)


Make sure to check the box to keep active and if you'd like to sign off on the alert at the time of payroll keep the box checked "Require Sign-Off".



When processing the payroll, the alert will show up and you'll be able to then process or check on the alert that appears.


Note: if payroll is already opened, Next X is not ideal as the open payroll can push the alert to the next payroll rather than the current payroll processing.


How to Edit/Turn Off Alerts


If you need to make any changes to an existing alert or turn it off, go to the "Payroll Alert" on the employee record, choose the ellipses (...) next to the alert as seen below then choose "View/Edit" or "Delete".


When you're processing payroll, you can always navigate to the employee record and edit any alerts that need to end rather than waiting until payroll is over which may cause you to forget to make the changes to the alert.


To do so in the payroll, simply click on the employee information icon, even when in the "Add/Edit Pay Statements" screen as seen below - this will apply for any employee changes needed during payroll, such as Base Compensation changes.





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