Payroll: Voids and Replacement Checks

Payroll: Voids and Replacement Checks

If any pay checks are processed that are in error, you may require a void. A void can only be done by your Payroll Specialist or by submitting a Tax Ticket. Typically a void would only be used if the wages were a complete error. For example, a termed employee received a manual check and a live check, but the live check was an error, the employee should have only received the manual. Another example would be if an owner received payroll checks that should not have been processed through W2 wages and the checks must be void in order to ensure accurate payroll records. A void would not be used for scenarios where an employee lost a live check or an employee's direct deposit did not go through due to bad banking information on file. In both of those cases, you'd either create a "Net Replacement" check or you'd simply print the PDF of the original check and write a check for the net in house. Below covers all scenarios and what to do. 

How to Void a Check

If the wages of the check are completely wrong and should not be in the system or on the employee's W2, please reach out to your Payroll Specialist to void the check. Provide your Specialist with the Payroll Name (Name is found in Payroll Processing Section), Employee Name, Employee #, and Check Number.

If the void is for a check during an open quarter, then any taxes owed back to the company may be refunded at quarter end by the Tax Department OR if the void is done after taxes have been submitted to the Agency, the refund or credit will be processed by the Agency after Quarter End filings are processed. In some cases, the agency will require the client to reach out for the refund. 

If the void is for a check date in past quarters, your Payroll Specialist will need to submit a Tax Ticket after the void is complete. The Void will result in an amendment to the Agency(s) that were effected and will result in an "Amendment Fee". The fee will depend on how many agencies need to be amended. The taxes to refund will always be processed by the agency in this scenario considering all quarterly payments would have been processed and at the agency, not on file with Green Leaf. Some Agencies will require clients to call in order to release the "credit" on file. 

How to Print PDF for Lost Check - Write Net In House

If an employee simply lost a check or the direct deposit did not process through and you have means to pay the employee the net in a different method, such as writing a check in house or cash, you can simply print a copy of the original PDF and accompany the PDF with the net payment. We always recommend written acknowledgement of the net replacement by the employee. 

To print the PDF, navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team > Payroll > Process Payroll - locate the check date/payroll the check was in > click the Process Payroll Icon.

Once in the Process Payroll Screen  navigate to "View Pay Statements".
From there find the employees pay statement, click the View Pay Statement Icon. Once in view mode, click Download PDF. 

How to Process a "Net Replacement" Check

If you do not have access to checks in house or the employee is remote and requires direct deposit to be reprocessed, there is the option to run a supplemental payroll and process a "Net Replacement" check. This process would allow to create a check to process where the ACH can go through or if a live check, the check is printed, signed, and sent out of Green Leaf office, without adding additional wages to the employees W2 or requiring a void. Caution, this extra payroll does have a fee associated and is in the Fee Addendum. 

To process a Net Replacement for a live check, navigate to the Payroll Processing Screen Click "Add New". Choose from the drop down "Supplemental" > Save and Continue. 

Add the Date (must be at least 2 business banking days out), Name the Payroll - example "John Smith's Replacement Check 10.05.24" Enter Pay Period From and To then "Add New". 

Now you will be directed back to the payroll screen. Click into the Process Payroll Icon. 

Scroll down to "View Pay Statements". 

Choose the employee that needs the check select Pay Statement Type "Additional Check" > Click OK

Now click the pencil next to the Pay Statement. 

Remove any earnings and deductions that may have auto added to the pay statements. Example any lines that are blue mean that the earnings or deductions are auto added and would require you to enter "0" in the amount line. 

In the blank line, choose "Net Replacement" (if this code does not exist in your company, please reach out to your Payroll Specialist to add the code!). 

Under "Amount" enter the net the employee originally was paid for the NET (not gross!). 

After the amount is entered click on Utilities at the top > Click Options

Scroll down to "Pay Stub Note". 

Enter "Net Replacement Check for Check #{EnterCheckNumber}.". 

Apply Changes. 

If this replacement is to replace direct deposit, click "Preview" on the pay statement edit view. Make sure the last 4 of the direct deposit is now reflecting the correct direct deposit info. If it is not, be sure to have the employee update their direct deposit on file then you'd need to recalc and preview to make sure the check has the up to date direct deposit. 

If the employee had a direct deposit that was wrong but now wants a live check, under Utilities > Options, update the amount under Direct Deposit to "0" and enter the total net in the Live Check Box. Click Apply Changes. 

Preview one last time! 

Now you can close then Submit the Payroll. 

Note - if you do not submit the payroll, the Payroll Specialist will not be alerted and you run the risk of the payroll not processing. All normal deadlines apply. 

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