The state of Pennsylvania requires both a Withholding Tax ID and a State Unemployment Tax ID, both formats and links to apply are below. 
Withholding Tax ID
Agency Contact Info: Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Bureau of Business Trust Fund Taxes Employer Tax Division PO Box 280904 Harrisburg, PA  17128-0904   717-787-3653 (taxpayer registration/maintenance) 717-783-1488 or 717-787-1586 (Billing) 717-783-6277, option 2 (e-business tax unit)
Format: ########
Applied For: Not Accepted

Unemployment Tax ID
Agency Contact Info: Department of Labor and Industry Office of UC Tax Services Labor and Industry Building 651 Boas Street Harrisburg, PA  17121   866-403-6163 (General UC Tax Information Line)
Format: ##-#####
Applied For: Not Accepted


After a new tax ID has been received, please send all documentation showing proof of the tax ID obtained to the Tax Department by submitting a Tax Ticket. Choose "Need to Add Tax Jurisdiction/Obtained Tax ID" from the ticket reason drop down. It's best practice to add new tax ID's before processing payment for employees within the jurisdiction. 

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