How to setup a Sequential Performance Review

How to setup a Sequential Performance Review

Setting up the workflow


Purpose: Apply it to your accounts and is a good training tool.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to build the workflow first because you cannot save the profile without the workflow.

There are 2 different ways to set up a workflow for performance review.

  1. Parallel workflow - if you had 3 different managers working at the same time on a performance review. Each manager could do their review simultaneously.

  2. Sequential workflow - 1 person needs to complete their portion before it can go on to the next person. 1 person at a time to complete steps in the performance review.

For this example, I will be going through the "Sequential Performance Review".


Gear icon>Global Setup>Workflows


Edit Sequential Performance Review Default - Delete Review 3 step & a Generate Notification


Click on Review 1

Name: Employee Self-Assessment

If there is a grading system, which there isn't, the manager would be responsible for 100% of the grading system.

Remove Percent for review: 0

We will set up the visibility settings in the profile itself, so we do not have to check them off in the workflow.

The way we set this up is by adding goals.

Each of those 3 different elements on both the employee and manager portions of the performance review. We will be adding each of those 3 as goals. Once an employee goes through they will answer those 3 questions. When the managers go through they will see the 3 answers to the 3 questions. There will be a blank space underneath where the manager can give feedback.


Do not make anything required in the workflow because it will be required when we set up the goals.

To be completed by: Employee  (Remember to always save)


Once the performance review is initiated it will automatically send a to-do to the employee where they will go into ESS and they will start their assessment.


Once the employee has submitted their review we want to generate a notification to the manager.

Click on the "Generate Notification" tab that is connected to "Review 1".

Name: Notification to Manager for performance review 1st step


Subject: Employee Self-Assessment from {ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME} Submitted


This message is to notify you that an employee self-assessment for {ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME} has been submitted by {LAST_SUBMIT_ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME}.

The next step is for you to complete your review of {ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME} before the review meeting.

Thank you!





Send Notification To Manager 1

Check off: Enable Dynamic Workflow (This allows you to designate it to someone else if manager 1 is terminated, you can designate it to another manager through this process)

Workflow Step Actions

Action: On Done

Next Step: Review (Review 2)



Save and click on Review  2



Name: Manager Assessment of Employee

Percent For Review: 100.00

To Be Completed By: Manager 1

Check off: Enable Dynamic Workflow

Once it is completed by the manager, the manager can review it and they can reject it, and send it to the employer. (We will not use that in our reviews) I deleted the action: On Rejected.

Once this is reviewed it will send a notification. There is a finalization process in reviews, the person who finalizes it does not have to be the person that completes it. (Ex. HR Admin, HR Manager)


Workflow Step Actions

Action: On Reviewed

Name: Review for Employee Completed

Next Step: Generate Notification


Click the pencil icon

Review End: 20 Days From Review Date

Next click on "Generate Notification" (This step will notify the manager that there will be a step assigned to them)

Name: Manager & Employee completed assessment for review


Subject: Performance Review Submitted


This message is to notify you that a Performance Review for {ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME} has been submitted by {LAST_SUBMIT_ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME}.

Thank you!


The next step will be: Finalize

Delete the extra notifications


Next please click on "Finalize"


*Add one more step if there was another department that needs to review*


Name: Finalize Assessment/Compensation


Check: Responsible for Final Grade & Effects


To Be Completed By: Specific Group or Manager


Click on Rejected

Name: Rejected - Action Needed on performance review compensation request

Click Save






Click Save and click on "Generate Notification"

Name: Approved Review/Compensation


Subject: Performance Review Request Finalized: {ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME}


This message is to notify you that a performance review & proposed compensation change for {ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME} was finalized by {FINALIZER_FULL_NAME}.


Please now schedule your in-person meeting with the employee for review.


Thank you!


Click Save then click on the  "Generate Notification" tab at the very top of the workflow.




Name: Action Needed - Performance Review compensation change rejected


Subject: Performance Review Rejected


This message is to notify you that a Performance Review or compensation amount for {ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME} has been rejected for the following reason by {FINALIZER_FULL_NAME}.


Thank you!


Send Notification To Manager 1

Action: On Done

Next Step: Review (Manager Assessment of Employee)

If it gets rejected, it will go back to the manager review step.

 Start ->EE starts their self-assessment (questions have to be built out first) then it will go to the EE's To-do list on their dashboard (once the employee is done with their assessment)->A notification is generated to the manager that the employee has completed their self-assessment. Now the manager needs to log in and do their assessment of the employee-> After that is completed, another notification will be generated to the "HR Company" (depending on the company and who is in charge) it would say "Both the manager and employee have now completed their assessment. This is a review step. -> Finalize the review and compensation change->Send a notification to the manager that will say they need to schedule a sit down to review with the employee and everything is approved-> If it is rejected, a notification will be sent to the manager for the reason it was rejected and so they would start from the beginning of the workflow.

After everything is finally approved we will send one last notification to whoever has to initiate the checklist for compensation changes in the system.


Add step - Generate Notification - Click on the tab

Name: Initiate Promotion/Compensation Checklist


Subject: Initiate Promotion/Compensation checklist for {ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME}

Message: Performance review has been fully approved for {ACCOUNT_FULL_NAME}. Please now initiate the checklist to change the compensation for this employee.  

Send Notification To Which every specific department needs to initiate the checklist (Ex. HR)


Click on the "Generate Notification Approved/Review Compensation" Done tab





We are going to change the Action from End to Generate Notification (Initiate Promotion/Compensation Checklist) Then click Save


Click on the "Generate Notification Initiate Promotion/Compensation Checklist" tab - Click Add Action and add "On Done" and add the next step "End". Then "Save".






Click Save and here is what the final workflow will look like:


































 Setting up a review profile

Next, we are going to set up a review profile:

Hamburger Menu>Gear Icon>HR Setup>Performance Review>Review Profiles

Click on the pencil icon for the "Standard Annual Review" profile.


There will be 2 tabs at the top (Main & Configuration), we will be under the Main tab first.



Name: Annual Review

Anchor Date: Review Date (will cover everything and will be 1 year from hire)

Frequency: Annual

First Review: 1 Year From Hire Date

Review End: 20 Days From Review Date

Tabs Configuration - These are standard in the system. Ex. if you have a notes page you want the reviewer to see this is where you would apply this. We will not be using the Tabs Configuration so you can leave it as is.



We will be keeping everything as our default because then the employees can see the comments that are in the review. They will not be able to see the compensation the manager is proposing before it is official unless you are using the "Compensation Management Module".

Once the performance review is finished we will auto-create it for the following year. Leave the "Auto Generate Next" box checked off.  Change the "Grade Method" to none.





Performance Review Workflow: Sequential Performance Review Default Workflow

Check off: Allow the addition of personal goals after workflow initiates.

Start Workflow Automatically and bypass Initiate Performance Review - this will auto-initiate the delegation to the employee without anyone having to initiate it. The workflow would just start without anyone initiating it. If you leave it unchecked, someone will have to go in manually and initiate the workflow.

Number Of Days Before Schedule Date: (This is the number of dates they can start their performance review) 7 (Everything is customizable and every company may have different information inputted, please go over this with your HR Consultant)




Employee Instructions

Please complete your self-assessment questions for the upcoming performance review. Once complete, please submit it in order for your manager to be able to move forward in the process. 


Manager Instructions

Please complete your assessment questions for the upcoming performance review of your employee. Once complete, please submit it in order for sending approval of _____________________ to be able to move forward in the process and schedule a review date with the employee. This should be completed within the next 7 days. Please do not schedule an in-person review until the process is completed and you receive notification of approval.

Thank you!


Peer Functionality is not enabled

Go to the top-right of the page

Functionality - Enabled

Sub - Profiles

Entry Comments

General Comments

Company Goals

*Depending on the client these items may change*


Company Allowed - Check off Entry & General Comments



Scroll down to the bottom right of the page and go to "Printing Options". (This will give the employee the ability to print their performance review) Leave it as is if you want this enabled. Then click Save.

The next step will be to go into the "Configuration" tab. We have set up how we want this profile to function.


This will be where we input any questions for the employees and their performance review.

Click on "View Goals" and "Add New "

Performance Goal

*This is all customizable it is up to your client*


Goal (short description has limited characters): Performance

Description (Question): How would you describe your performance these past 12 months? Please provide examples.

Then click Save and create Add New for the next question.

The Performance Goals page should look like this:


Click on the back arrow to return to "Performance Review Profile". Go to Goals and click "Add Company Goal"

Click on which question(s) you want on the profile. 


The manager will have a field directly below the employee's answers where they will submit the portion of their review.

Click Save.


The very last step in this process is to apply it to whichever profiles you want this to be applicable to.

Go to Mass Edit Profiles -> Check off All and click Mass Edit and it will take you to the Mass Edit Employees' Settings ->Under Main Tab and Profiles go to Performance Review Click "Annual Review" and "Apply Change".



Team Icon>Talent>Performance>Performance Reviews and it will show when the next review is scheduled.
























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