Processing a Manual Check

Processing a Manual Check

This article includes steps of how to generate a manual pay statement, ways you can use the pay statement to pay the employee, and if needed, how to delete the payment. 

Generating a Manual Check

A manual check is a check that you as the processor would process in order to capture gross to net for an employee. The process of creating a manual is meant to allow for wages to be recorded and allow the processor to have a PDF version of the stub to provide for the recipient. The net of the stub would be handled in-house or Green Leaf Business Solutions is able to print and ship the payment; more information about this process can be found below. Additionally, manual pay statement types are only used for recording purposes and any payments will require a manual process. 

Typical Reasons for a manual check would be the employee was underpaid, not paid, or needed an out-of-cycle payment.

All taxes and deduction payments will be accounted for on the next scheduled check date. Please follow the steps below in order to process a manual payment. For any mistakes, be sure to delete the stub so as to not cause erroneous W2 wages and/or quarterly amendments. 

If you intend for a terminated employee's accrual balance to be zeroed out upon final check, be sure to terminate the employee and read about accruals here: Accruals Overview

To process a manual check, navigate to the "Payroll Processing" section. You can get there via Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Payroll > Process Payroll OR via the Payroll Icon on your dashboard by hovering and clicking "Payroll Processing" as seen below. 

Find the next scheduled payroll and click the "Payroll Prep Process" icon seen below:

Once in the payroll skip down to "Add/Edit Pay Statements" and click "View Pay Statements": 

Then choose "New Pay Statement" in the upper right area. The pop-up below will appear. Choose your employee and the pay statement type "Manual".
Note: DAMA clients intending to pay the net in house and not clear your bank account, please see steps under "DAMA Manual Net In House" at the bottom of the article.

Once the pay statement appears, update the date and check number (if not set up as auto as seen here) seen in the RED box. 

Then add the earning codes and hours/amount associated. To add additional rows choose "Add Rows". Note: use the summary by day tab if you're experiencing difficulty with knowing what hours to pay, please see the following link to more about timesheets: 

Once earnings are added click "SAVE" -- NOTE -- hourly rates will appear after save is selected. 

After SAVE has been selected all pay rates will be applied for hourly employees and tax deductions will be listed as seen below. 
If any scheduled earnings or deductions need to be assigned, this would need to be done manually. You will see a "Payroll Alert" reminding you to add deductions if necessary. This is simply a reminder and can be marked as complete. 

To allow reoccurring earnings or deductions to take place, choose "Utilities" then select "Add Scheduled Earnings/Deductions". A pop-up will appear where you can select all boxes for all earnings/deductions with the company. Upon choosing the boxes, only those assigned to the employee will populate the pay statement itself. 

Deductions will then appear if assigned to the employee. ---NOTE --- all deductions related to garnishments and vendor payment will not be processed until the finalization of the next scheduled payroll. 

After all, data has been input into the pay statement, choose "Preview" on the upper screen. Once the Preview window is open, you can then "Download PDF" as seen below. 

To finish the process, you will have to close the pay statement, which can be done, but clicking the back arrow to navigate back to View Pay Statements > Checking the box of the manual payment that needs to be closed > Click "Utilities" located in the upper right-hand area > Select "Close Selected Pay Statements" > Check the box "Close Manual Pay Statements" > Click Close. 


Types of Payments Methods

Funds provided internally: the manual payment can be used for providing funds using cash, hand-written check, or any other form of payment your company can provide. 
  1. The payment can be printed and shipped by Green Leaf Business Solutions. 
  2. The payment can be printed onsite. 
  4. SPECIAL: DAMA Client: DAMA Manual Net In-House.
Please see the methods below for options 2, 3, and 4 below.

2. Manual Check Shipment Request: if your company would like Green Leaf Business Solutions to Print and Ship the payment. 

Once the payment is closed, if you need Green Leaf Business Solutions to print and ship the check shipment, please fill out the manual check shipment form which can be found below. The form will need to be filled out by 3:00 pm PST to ship the payment for overnight delivery.  If your company would like a shipment after 3:00 pm PST, please fill out the form, and escalate it with your company's assigned payroll specialist. Please note that there could be shipment delays caused by weather, natural disasters, courier human error, and standard delays.
  2. Video:


If you have permission to print/deliver without the Non-Negotiable on the check after the pay statement has been closed, go back to the main screen showing all pay statements as seen below. Check the box next to the pay statement and choose "Utilities". 

After choosing "Utilities" choose "Deliver Selected Pay Statements"

Once the "Deliver Box" appears do the following:
1. Choose the email address to "deliver" to. 
2. Uncheck the box 
3. Add a Comment
4. Ok
After OK - you should receive the live check via email to then print in-house. 

4. DAMA Client: DAMA Manual Net In House

When processing Manual Checks as a Dama client, it's important to choose your Pay Statement Type appropriately. When processing a manual check that Green Leaf will print and send out on the business's behalf, use the "Manual", just as the article explains. This Pay Statement will ensure that your "Manual" is reported to Dama at the close of each business day in order to report the payment before the employee presents the check to be cashed.
If the intention is to pay the net of the Manual created in-house, and not have the net clear your bank account, it's very important that the Pay Statement Type "DAMA Manual Net In House" is used. This Pay Statement Type will ensure that DAMA does not post the net to your bank account.
If for whatever reason, you accidentally use the wrong pay statement type, please reach out to DAMA directly in order to have the duplicate bank entry voided. Additionally, if the Pay Statement Type "DAMA Manual Net In House" is not available, please reach out to your Payroll Specialist to add the pay statement type for your use.

Deleting A Manual Pay Statement

If you need to delete a pay statement, go back out of the pay statement itself, then choose the statement on the screen, and choose "Utilities" once the Utilities box appears, choose "Delete Selected Pay Statements". Note: the payment must be re-opened to have the ability to delete the payment: Utilities > Open Selected Pay Statements. 

In the next payroll, you will see the closed statements and will notice the pay type will appear as "Manual" where the current payment should show as "Regular".
Note: If processing more than one manual check for the same employee in the same payroll, be sure to use "Manual 2" as the pay statement type for the second check. 
If you need any assistance, please reach out to your payroll specialist. 

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