How to Create & Send Offer Letters

How to Create & Send Offer Letters

Offer letters can be created for both internal and external applicants. The option is located under Team > Recruitment > Offer Letters.

The letters contain pre-defined text with multiple system tags that will auto-fill account and system data. You can edit the text with a full HTML text editor and can add other tags. These letters will be sent via email to the recipient(s) using the email address on file for the applicant.

Offer Letters: Security

New security settings have been added to control user access to Offer Letters and Offer Letter Templates. In the Recruitment section under the HR tab of security profiles, two new settings can be set to either View or View/Edit, plus the ability to Add/Delete. The settings are:

  • Offer Letter Templates

  • Offer Letters

Offer Letters: Templates

Offer letters can be saved as templates and reused to create new letters. A new menu option to create and maintain offer letter templates is available under Company Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Templates Library > Offer Letter Templates.

Templates have a full HTML text editor complete with system tags that can be added to the body of the letter. The report page has standard features of viewing, editing, cloning, deleting, and adding. If the template is in use, users will receive a warning message: This template has been used # time(s) in the Offer Letters and the template name from these offer letters will be removed. Proceed?

Each template is divided into Template Details and Offer Letter Details. A Preview option allows you to see how the letter will look. The preview will show the tags used; once assigned to a recipient, the tags will be replaced with system information stored for the job requisition and/or applicant (if there is no system information for a tag used, the preview will just retain the tag so that the user can make necessary changes or replace tag with data, if required.)

Offer Letters Page: Creating and Maintaining Offer Letters for Applicants

The offer letter is tied to a Job Application. When the letter is ready, it is created against an applicant based on the Job Application on file for that applicant.

HR Managers can create and manage Offer Letters under Team > Recruitment > Offer Letters. Here, Offer Letters can be created for applicants (internal or external.) Offer Letter Templates can be selected here and will populate the Offer Letter Content section. Even when using a template, edits can be made to the content if needed.

After you save, options will become available to add documents and notes and preview the letter using the applicant information and system information. If system tags are in use that are not in the applied job requisition, those will appear in tag format. You can edit the job requisition and add the necessary information and then come back and see the information has been added to the preview.

Note: When saved, the offer letter will be in a draft state and it can be saved any number of times before being submitted, which is when the final offer letter is generated.

Offer Letters: System Tags

Information not included in Job Requisition

Information complete in Job Requisition

When the offer letter is ready, it can be submitted by selecting the Submit button. After you submit it, the offer letter will be completely grayed out and no further editing can be applied to the body of the letter. You can still add supporting documents and notes.

From here, you can view the offer (preview window), download the offer to PDF, and send the offer to the applicant.

On the report page, columns will show the status of the offer.

Offer Letters: Job Applications

If a Job Application is in use in an Offer Letter, and users attempt to delete those job applications, a message will be displayed to the user: Could not delete. It is used in Offer Letter.

Offer Letters: Signatures

An Offer Letter Signature Uses drop-down field in the Applicant Policies widget of Configuration, located under Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Configuration affects the method applicants will use to sign their offer letters.

  • Password: Upon entering their password, the system considers the letter signed. This is the default setting.

  • Name Entry: Upon entering their name, the system considers the letter signed.

  • Upload Signed Offer: If the applicant has downloaded and signed their offer letter, this option gives them the ability to upload the signed letter.

Offer Letters: Decline Reasons

Offer letter decline reasons are available under Settings > Global Setup > Global List Definitions > Offer Letter Decline Reasons. These codes can be selected by an applicant upon receiving their offer letter allowing recruiters and managers to know the reason a job offer was declined.

  • A default list is available and new types can be added; up to 20 total maximum.

  • Added codes can be deleted. Default codes cannot.

  • Each reason code can be set to be visible or hidden.

  • Each existing or new/saved reason codes have an edit label option that allows the label to be set in a different language (French, French Canadian, Spanish Mexican, and English UK.)

Decline Reasons Security

To give users access to the Offer Letter Decline Reasons menu item, update their security profile. The Offer Letter Decline Reasons security setting is under the Global tab in the Global Setup section. It has View, Edit, Add, and Delete permissions.

Offer Letters: Assigning Offer Letters to Applicants

The Offer Letter page, located under Team > Recruitment > Offer Letters, has an Assign Offer button with an Email Offer option in the drop-down of the button. This page displays after creating and submitting an offer letter.

  • Assign Offer: This button allows the ability to add a PDF of the offer letter in the applicant's portal where they can then accept or decline the offer. If declining the offer, they can use the decline reasons (if they are set up to be visible.)

  • Email Offer: This option will open a pop-up communication template. With this option, the offer letter is sent via email using the fields in the pop-up. The system will generate a PDF to go along with the email. It will display below the Message field and the attachment icon will display indicating there is an attachment.

After assigning the offer letter, the Offer Letter page for the applicant will update and have the Download Offer and Email Offer buttons.
  • Download Offer: Selecting this button will download a PDF of the offer letter for you to view and/or save the file.

When the offer has been assigned, a page-level message will display indicating the offer is assigned to the applicant. Additionally, upon assigning an offer letter, the button will update from Assign Offer to Email Offer with options off Accept Offer and Expire Offer located under ellipses next to the Email Offer button. The status of the offer letter is set as Assigned on the manager offer letter report page.

Offer Letters: Applicant Access to Offer Letters

Applicants can access their offer letter in the applicant portal, or for internal applicants, inside their existing application. Upon receiving their Email/SMS notification that they have an offer letter, both types of applicants can retrieve their offer letters under My Info > My HR > Offer Letters.

Offer Letters: Accepting an Offer via Digital Signature

When an applicant accesses their offer letter and is allowed to accept the offer via a digital signature and then clicks the Accept Offer button, a pop-up will display where the applicant can click Accept. This option is available if the Password is set in the Offer Letter Signature Uses field in the Applicant Policies widget of Configuration under Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Configuration.

Upon accepting, a success message will display and the offer letter page will refresh, and a Signed Offer Letter icon displays. The Download Offer button remains so applicants can download the letter

Offer Letters: Accepting an Offer via System-Generated Signed Document

For applicants who accept their offer and then must sign a document to complete their acceptance, the following will occur once the Accept Offer and I Accept buttons are selected and the system displays the success message to the applicant. This option is available if Name Entry is set in the Offer Letter Signature Uses field in the Applicant Policies widget of Configuration under Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Configuration.

The system generates a PDF document (similar to a PDF offer letter) and is stored in the system. The document contains all the details of the generated offer letter and also contains the below tags in the page footer:

  • Signed By: (Applicant Full Name)

  • Signed On: (Date & Time when the acceptance was done)

Offer Letters: Accepting an Offer via Required Upload of Signed Offer

For applicants who accept their offer and are then required to upload their signed copy of the offer letter, the following will occur once the Accept Offer and I Accept buttons are selected. This option is available if Upload Signed Offer is set in the Offer Letter Signature Uses field in the Applicant Policies widget of Configuration under Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Configuration.

Upon selecting the Accept Offer button on their offer letter page, an Upload and Accept pop-up will display prompting the applicant to upload a signed copy of the letter and then accept the offer. If the Upload icon has an asterisk (required action), the applicant cannot accept until the document is uploaded. For these types of applicants, they must first sign their PDF, then upload it, and finally select I Accept.

Manager Uploads Offer Letters

If a manager/recruiter uploads a signed offer letter on behalf of an applicant, the requirement is then met and the red asterisk will not display for the applicant. In these cases, the applicant can proceed to accept the offer without personally uploading their signed offer letter.

Offer Letters: Declined Offers

Applicants who decline an offer will select the Decline Offer button within their offer letter. A pop-up will displays where they will be prompted to enter a reason from your list of configured reasons, and then add any additional comments. After selecting I Decline, a confirmation message will display. The system will process the response and update the report pages.

Offer Letters: Expired Offers

Managers/Recruiters who send offer letters to applicants who do not respond to the offer may wish to expire the offer and move on to another applicant. This can be accomplished from the Offer Letter page for the applicant. Under the ellipses is the Expire Offer option, and when selected, will open a pop-up similar to what applicants see when declining an offer. Users will select one of the defined reasons and enter optional comments.

Offer Letters: Accepted or Declined Offers Status in Report Pages

The following occurs with all methods of applicant acceptance or declination of an offer.

Applicant's Offer Letters report page (My Info > My HR > Offer Letters)

  • The status is updated for the applicant as Accepted or Declined.

Manager/Recruiter Offer Letters report page (My Team > Recruitment > Offer Letters)

  • The status is updated for the recruiter/manager as Accepted, Declinedor Expired

  • For declined or expired offers, the reason will be displayed in the Decline/Expire Reason column.

Offer Letters: Accepted Offers

For digital signatures stemming from an offer letter, the Offer Letters report page refreshes and displays the following:

  • Accept Offer or Expire Offer buttons (under ellipses) no longer display.

  • Supporting Docs icon, Notes icon & Email Offer buttons still display.

  • Download Signed Offer button with a drop-down for the Download Offer button is displayed. Selecting the Download Signed Offer button downloads a system-generated signed offer letter.

  • A page info message is displayed for the applicant: Offer Letter is accepted on date/time (actual date/time when action performed in user locale).


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