Release Notes (December 2023)

Release Notes (December 2023)


This document will outline the items that will be released in the next system update. The next system release is scheduled for December 7, 2023If you have any questions regarding the notes listed below, please contact your designated Green Leaf representative(s).




Payroll Pre-Check Report Updates

Display Name Updated
The Display Name column in the Payroll Pre-Check Report has been updated so that only the employee's name displays.

Mark Items as Reviewed
Users can now mark items as reviewed on the Payroll Pre-Check Report. To mark an item as reviewed, select the checkbox next to the applicable record and select the Mark as Reviewed button at the top-right corner of the report. A Reviewed By column shows Y or N for whether the record was reviewed or not.

Terminated Employees
When an account status is changed from active to terminated, the Payroll Pre-Check report now shows a message of the termination status, including the date of the termination, based on the date of the pay period when the termination applies. When the link is selected from the Message Text column of the Payroll Pre-Check Report, the user is taken to the applicable Employee Profile.

Workers Comp Policy Expiration
If there is a Workers Comp Policy that is expiring within the range of 40 days before the effective End Date (chosen in Policy Info) and 7 days after the effective End Date, a pre-check record will be added in the Payroll Pre-Check Report for all of the pay periods and matching EINs.

Example: For a Workers Comp Policy ending on 12/31/2023, the date range that a record would be created in the Payroll Pre-Check Report for valid payrolls would be 11/21/2023 to 1/7/2024.
A warning message displays in the Payroll Pre-Check Report that the Workers Comp Policy is expiring. When the link is selected from the Message Text column of the Payroll Pre-Check Report, the user is taken to the Workers Comp Carriers Policies page (Payroll Setup > Workers Comp > Policies) where the user can add a new policy or review the policy that is about to expire.

Added Ability to Mass Add Deductions

Admin users can now mass add deductions for client companies. Under Maintenance > Companies > Client Resources > Payroll (Deductions) > Deductions, a Mass Add Deductions button is now available. When selected, a Mass Add Deductions pop-up displays where the user can choose multiple companies and a Roll up Deduction (set up on the admin level). Once the deduction is chosen, a list of deduction settings displays.

After you select OK, the deduction settings will be applied to the selected companies. If any of the selected companies is Multi-EIN, a Question pop-up will display, and the user will need to select the applicable Company EIN.



Time & Labor Management (TLM)

New Balance Notification

A new global notification is available, Approaching Balance Expiration Date, that informs the recipient of an employee who has a balance of accrual time that is about to expire. The notification includes a When section for setting the number of days in advance of the expiration for the notification to send, up to 90 days in advance.

New Carry Over Date Notification

A new global notification is now available, Approaching Carry Over Date, that informs the recipient n-days before the employee's accrual balance carry over date. The configuration of this notification is like other global notifications.

Manager Timesheet Summary Widget

In the continued effort to make the end of period tasks easy to review, a new widget is available for a manager's dashboard, Timesheet Tasks, with three sections; To Do Items, Open Issues, and Timesheet Approvals.

To add the Timesheet Tasks widget, from the New Dashboard Widget Notification pop-up, select the Add to Dashboard checkbox, then select the Add button. The user will then decide which dashboard tab this widget should be on.
  1. To Do Items contains a metric value of items requiring attention prior to processing for the pay period selected, such as the number of timesheet change requests and time off requests. The number for the To Do item is a link to the page where a resolution is to be made.
  2. Open Issues contains a metric value of the warnings and errors list identified with On Approval pre-processing, such as missed punches. Each metric is a link to the page for corrections, such as the Missed Punch Correction screen.
  3. Timesheet Approval contains a metric value of submitted timesheets with pending issues, those ready for approval, and those not yet submitted. Each metric is a link to the page with specific status identified.
The widget contains a filter for Pay Periods allowing for a choice of the Current or Previous, with Current being the default.

When correcting a missed punch from the correction screen, the layout of the screen matches the layout of the employee timesheet with the From and To fields on the same row and the AM/PM logic built in to switch as necessary automatically.

Ability to Submit Request on Behalf of Employees

Managers can now submit timesheet change requests on behalf of their employees. To allow managers to be able to submit timesheet change requests for employees, enable the new Security Profile Timesheet Change Requests option, Request On Employee Behalf (under the TLM tab > Time Editing/Approving Functionality). If a manager has this security permission enabled, a Change Request button will display on the applicable employees' timesheets from the manager's view. When the Change Request button is selected, the Change Request pop-up displays with all request types available. Once a timesheet change request is submitted on behalf of an employee, the request will go through the same workflow process.




Schedule Fairness: Cancel Pending Request

Previously, once a scheduled shift has been sent out to employee for approval, updates cannot be made to the pending shift. With this enhancement, we have added an option to cancel a pending schedule fairness request to allow for changes to be made to the shift and send a new request. A Cancel icon and link have been added to the Manage Shift window.
To Do items for the canceled shift fairness request are rescinded and start the request over with the new shift details.

Display and Sort Default Jobs

Managers have been requesting to see an employee's assigned Default Job when creating and managing schedules. This information, found in the Employee profile, has not been available. With this ticket, we have added the Default Job to the schedule for viewing and as a Sort By option in the Day/Week/Month views.




Signature Flow for Re-verification/Rehire/Name Change

In the R89 October 2023 release we informed you of upcoming updates to Form I9. We have added a signature flow for Re-verification/Rehire/Name Change. This is applicable for all three use cases related to re-verification of a current employee due to expired documentation, a rehired employee or a name change.

Attestation Acknowledgment Added

To maintain compliance standards, the I9 Form will now include a method to acknowledge that the attestation to be signed has been read by the signatory. This must be acted upon by the employee by checking the acknowledgment checkbox before the form is accepted upon submission.
Employee must check the box and select the I Agree button prior to signing the form.


Rating Question Type Added to Surveys Setup
A new Rating question type is now available in Survey Designer when adding a new question to a survey. This question type allows you to set a range of values and set Minimum/Maximum rates. Using the minus (-) and plus (+) icons, you can add and remove rating values. As with other question types, you can add a Name, Title, Description, and other values such as requiring the question to be answered, adding a comment field and more.

In the Rate Values section, an edit icon can be used to add Rate Values (Key | Value). These are used to add a value or text to each rating, i.e., 1=Poor, 2=Okay, 3=Average, etc. These values can be used to replace the numbers with text values.

This new rating type questions will appear in the Survey Answers, and the Survey Answers Statistics reports, accessed under Team > HR > Surveys, as well as the survey results, which are accessed from the Surveys report page when selecting the 'View Survey Results' icon.



My Benefits Widget for Employee Dashboard Updated

In the prior experience when it was open enrollment time, the link for Open Enrollment was a small link vs the more visible Life Change Event button that was above it, making the Open Enrollment link easy to miss. Now, Open Enrollment is at the top and stands out better to employees making it clear that it is Open Enrollment time and shows the number of days left - similar to how New Hire Enrollment will also clearly define the number of days left and be towards the top with Life Change Event shifted below. Links will work like they do today where My benefits and View current benefits takes users to My Benefits > Benefit Plans where they can view their benefits.

New Hire Benefit Enrollment Notification Added

We have added a New Hire Enrollment Reminder notification that will send a reminder notice to those employees with an incomplete new hire enrollment - i.e., the new hire enrollment has not been submitted or has been submitted but was rejected requiring the employee to re-submit. Once configured, this is an automatic notification that will send only to those employees with an incomplete new hire enrollment. The default message in the notification will calculate the days left based on the settings in the 'Last Day New Employee Can Enroll' within the benefits profile assigned to the employee. It will trigger for statuses of Not Started, Pending, or Rejected.



Career Portal

Language Drop-Down Added to Header
Applicants can now adjust the language displayed in the Careers page. We have added a drop-down within the header (and mini header) to the right of the Login button to adjust the language. US English is the default language. The available languages in the drop-down include Danish, Dutch, English, English (Australia), English (UK), French (Canada), French, German, and Spanish. More languages will be added in the future.

Show Map Toggle Added
For applicants who wish to view the location of a job via a map view, a new Show Map toggle has been added to the Career Portal. When the toggle is activated (it will disabled by default), the specific location of the job being viewed will display in a Google map view.

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