Release Notes (February 2024)

Release Notes (February 2024)


This document will outline the items that will be released in the next system update. The next system release is scheduled for February 15th, 2024If you have any questions regarding the notes listed below, please contact your designated Green Leaf representative(s).



Reporting Updates

Banded Rows in Data View
We are improving the display of the data grid inside reports through the use of banded colored rows. This addition will help break up the data and make it visually easier to digest.

Consistency of Color and Fonts
By updating the color and fonts shown in the chart sections of reports, we are providing consistency across how chart tiles are displayed in the reports and within the dashboards.

Click and Drag to Expand Sections
Providing the ability to click and drag to expand either the data view or chart view in reports so that you can maximize your viewing experience when the view mode is set to data and charts.

Dashboard Updates

Links Widget
To reduce visual noise and visually align items, we will be making adjustments to the Links widget. This will include the removal of decorative icons tied to the Link section headers, the removal of indentation of selected pages, and new styling of the tabs to help provide visibility into which tab you are on.

Sticky Notes Widget
Very subtle changes will be added to the Sticky Notes. This will include lightening the background colors of the notes and reducing the size of the lined border around the note.

Adjustments to Widget Resizing Buttons
Providing a more condensed experience to adjust your widgets. This very small, subtle change will result in smaller icons to adjust height and width of your widgets, but provide consistency around all icon sizes within the solution.

Dashboard Header

Today's Tasks
Today’s Tasks provide crucial information about what managers need to pay attention to in the moment. In this release, to save overall space, Today’s Tasks will be represented as a single pill underneath the welcome message as you log in. The total number of tasks will display, and as you click, the data will be refreshed to show your individual categories to take action on.

Tabs & Dialogs

We will be making some small, subtle updates to tabs and Dialog boxes throughout the system. These changes will continue to provide consistency by reducing unnecessary visual noise.

In areas such as the Employee Profile, Timesheets, and more, you will notice that the indicator showing you which tab you are actively on will now appear as underlined instead of highlighted.

Another small, subtle change will occur in the Dialog boxes that appear when selecting criteria across different system pages. The gray header background will be removed, which will provide a cleaner look of the overall feature containers.

Forms Hub: Display Custom Forms for ESS & MSS

Forms Hub now displays custom forms directly within the hub. When a user has access to a custom form, the custom form and custom form description are displayed in the new Company forms category within the Forms Hub. 

Mass Edit Documents

An Edit button has been added for Employee Documents. This allows for multiple selections of documents and edits to be performed simultaneously. The Edit button is located at the top of the page under HR > HR Maintenance > Employee Documents, and also in the Employee Documents widget in employee profiles. When selected, a pop-up displays with the following options:
  1. Document Name
  2. Display Type
  3. Description
You can make changes to any of the options and then apply them to all selected documents. Changes are only applied if an edit is done. Fields are not cleared out if a field is left blank.

Users should have Edit permission in their security profile to be able to use the Edit button. If a user has permission to edit some documents and not others and they select a mix of these documents, only the documents they have permission to edit will be updated with the changes.

Clocked Out Message in Mobile Dashboard Header

For employees who use the Clock In and Clock Out functionality, a message has been added to the Mobile Dashboard header to notify them of the last time they clocked in or out.

Bug Fixes

Announcements: Company Announcements - Unable to Paste an Image 
Previously, users could not paste an image into the Body section of a company announcement. This has been fixed, and users can now paste an image into the Body section of a company announcement as expected.

Employee Hub: My Profile Summary on Employee Home with Incorrect EIN
Previously, when a company had multiple active EINs, and an employee was hired into an EIN that was not the company's default EIN, the My Profile Summary on Employee Home in the mobile app showed the company's default EIN; the employee icon showed the correct EIN. This has been fixed, and in this situation, the My Profile Summary on Employee Home in the mobile app now shows the correct EIN for the employee.



New ER/EE Scheduled Deduction/Earning Columns Available

The following new columns are now available to add to the Earning/Deduction/Tax Listing report under Team > Payroll > Reports > Pay History > Earning/Deduction/Tax Listing and My Reports > Payroll Reports
> Pay History > Earning/Deduction/Tax Listing:
  1. Scheduled Deduction: ER Amount
  2. Scheduled Deduction: EE Amount
  3. Scheduled Deduction: ER Percent
  4. Scheduled Deduction: EE Percent
  5. Scheduled Earning: EE Amount
  6. Scheduled Earning: EE Percent
These columns allow users to compare the earnings and deductions withheld with the employee's scheduled deduction/earning amounts.

Updated Various State Forms (2024)

The following forms have been updated to the newest version for 2024 and are now available:
  1. Arizona Form A-4
  2. CT-W4 Form
  3. CO DR 0004 Form
  4. G-4 Form
  5. ID W-4 Form
  6. Kentucky Form K-4
  7. MO W-4 Form
  8. MW-4 Form
  9. New York IT-2104
  10. New York IT-2104-E
  11. RI W-4 Form
  12. SC W-4 Form

Bug Fixes

Reports: Tax Variance Report couldn't be exported
Previously, in the Tax Variance report, when the column Company Short Name was set with a filter and a user selected to export the report, a "Difficulty retrieving data, please try again later" error appeared. This has been fixed, and users can now export the Tax Variance Report with a filter set on the Company Short Name column as expected.

Reports: Total Work YTD Hours column not populating
Previously, the Total Work YTD Hours column in the Pay Statement History report would sometimes not populate. This has been fixed, and the Total Work YTD Hours column now populates as expected.

Reports: Users were directed to First Screen instead of report
When users ran a saved version of the Company Tax Years report from My Saved Reports, the First Screen set in the user's security profile was displayed instead of the report. This has been fixed, and in this situation, the report is now displayed as expected.



Time & Labor Management (TLM)

Employee Home: My Timesheet Warning

To alert employee of issues with their timesheet, a new Warning icon displays in the employee's Timesheet title status icon. The icon displays when a warning is listed in the My Timesheet widget.

Corrected Timesheet Report

To view corrections made to timesheets, an admin would have been required to go to individual employee timesheets. Now, a new report has been created to easily view all corrected timesheets. The new
Corrected Timesheets report, found within Team > Time > Timesheets, displays corrected timesheet information for both processed and unprocessed periods. Report options for date range and correction comments and reasons are available. The report contains an Employee Filter allowing you to generate the report specific to employees that match the filter settings for EIN, Pay Period Profile, or Status.

Timesheet Change Request: Ability to Submit on Behalf of Employees

Managers can now submit timesheet change requests on behalf of their employees. To allow managers to submit timesheet change requests for employees, enable the new Security Profile option, Request On Employee Behalfunder the TLM tab > Time Editing/Approving Functionality. 

If a manager has this security permission enabled, a Change Request button displays on the applicable employee's timesheets from the manager's view.




Confirmation Messages

After saving a shift update, a completed confirmation message displayed that required the user to click OK to move past it. This message window has been removed. Upon a successful save, an in line message displays at the top of the page and the schedule page refreshes. This change occurs for all pages where a shift may be updated for both Basic and Advanced Scheduler.

Mass Update Employee Shifts

Add Shifts
To allow managers to mass assign shifts in Schedules, the following items have been provided. When selecting an employee from the schedule grid, a new Add Future Shifts link and subsequent window for date and day selection is available when using the scheduler Week and Month View. This new option replaces the Add New Shift button. Options within the window include settings for an effective date range and effective days when new shifts apply.

Once the dates/days shifts are assigned, a modified Manage Shift window displays to define shift attributes to be assigned to the selected employee. On save, existing schedules reflect the new shift assignments, and the updates are pushed to TLM for Posted Schedules.

Modify Employee Schedules
To allow managers to update multiple employee schedules based on Work Schedule Profiles at one time, a new option for Modify Employee Schedules has been added to the Team > Schedule > Advanced Scheduling menu. A report page opens with employees assigned to a Scheduler profile. At the top of the report, an inline warning message displays:

Schedule changes made through this screen will not trigger a Schedule Fairness Workflow. All changes that need employee approval must be made in Schedule views.

Select: The first column on the report allows you to select up to 10 employees for modification. The Modify Schedules button becomes available for selection when at least one employee is chosen. The button opens a window that requires you to set the From and To Date for the modification. The date range allows for maximum of three months.

Modify ScheduleSelect the schedule to modify. The Modify Schedules window allows you to enter the From and To Date for the change. Modify Schedules field lists work schedule profiles (profiles that are marked as 'Is Scheduler', not including 'Personal Work Schedule'), for you to update the current schedules with.

When a manager uses the Modify Employee Schedule functionality, the existing assigned shifts for the specified date range are removed and newly assigned shifts based on selected Work Profile are applied. Choosing to accept the confirmation of the change, existing schedules reflect the new assignment of days, times, skills, cost centers, and more. The Modify Schedules page is disabled while the changes are applied and pushed to TLM. Any errors or invalid changes are displayed upon completion.

Open Shifts

Mass Assign
Open shifts were limited to be assigned to one employee at a time. With these enhancements, managers can create and assign shifts to multiple employees at a time.
  1. Assigning Shifts: When selecting Add New Shift, the Manage Shift: Employee Selection window has been updated to allow for multiple employee selection. Upon Save, shifts are created and assigned to selected employees.
  2. Open Shifts: When selecting a group of stacked open shifts in the Open Shifts panel and choosing Assign Employees, the resulting Browse and Select Employees allows for selection of multiple employees matching the number of open shifts.

Stacking Shifts Based on All Attributes
Open shifts with identical parameters are stacked within the Open Shift panel. This action only included parameters for time, scheduled cost center, skills, and certifications or credentials. Other parameters, such as shift premiums or day types, etc. were not included in the identification of identical parameters. With this release, all parameters are considered when identifying which are identical and to be stacked and which have a difference to be unstacked.



Completed Courses Added to Training/Certifications Report

The Training/Certifications report (Learning > Trainings/Certifications) was updated and now includes a Complete Date field for courses completed in the LMS. In addition, a Learning Status column is now available in the Training/Certifications report (by default), which shows the current status of either Assigned or Completed for the learning specific training course.

New Question Type of Ranking Added to Surveys

A new Ranking question type has been added to the Survey Designer within Surveys. The Ranking type works by the users being able to move their choices into a certain order, such as ascending or descending order. This question type in the designer has the same or very similar options to the other question types, such as the General and Layout sections in the panel, as well as editing options. When employees take a survey with a Ranking question, they will be able to drag/drop the question responses in ranking order. The Ranking question type has been added to the Survey Answers report, the Survey Answers Statistics report, and the Survey Results report.



Benefits Enrollment: Beneficiary Sections Updated to Table Format

When employees select beneficiaries, they will first be shown those marked as beneficiaries from their account contacts via a card view, and if needed they can add beneficiaries from existing contacts not currently marked as beneficiaries, or add new contacts as beneficiaries. 

Using + Add for each section, employees can select from their existing contacts those designated as beneficiaries. If none exist, the pop-up has an Add beneficiary button which can be used to quickly add a new contact designated as a beneficiary and then simultaneously select that new contact.
  1. On the Choose beneficiaries pop-up, only contacts designated as beneficiaries will display. You can select one or more contacts and then save.
  2. After selecting and saving your beneficiary selections, another pop-up will display where you will designate the percentages each selected contact should receive. Percentages in each table (primary or contingent) must total 100%.
Once beneficiaries have been added, the triple-dot action ellipses within the row of the table can be used to view/edit the contact or remove a person from the beneficiary list. When done, the card view will display a summary of your selected beneficiaries.

Benefit Plans Widget in Employee Profiles Updated to Report View

The Benefit Plans widget within employee profiles was formerly in a table format. To make the widget easier to use, this widget has now been converted to a report which will make it easier to view desired data. With the view being converted to a report, you can edit and then save your view and when returning to the widget, your saved view is available - or if you had saved your view as your new default view, the widget will open to that view. Another advantage of the report view is that you can view enrolled and waived plans at the same time versus the table view, which contained buttons where you would have to select the view.

The report will default to show current, non-waived plans as the table view did, but with this report view, you can remove the “Show current plans only” report filter to show all plans. The column filter can also be used to show waived plans and you can also bring in a column to see waived reasons.

Plans can be added via the Add New button. Actions are available to View/Edit or Delete (which is dependent on the user's security permissions.) The hyperlinked plan titles, when selected, will open the plan for viewing and possible editing.


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