Requesting Time Off

Requesting Time Off

In order to request time off, you can choose the "Request" button found on the "My Accruals Balances" tile seen below, OR you can navigate to the hamburger menu > Choose the single person icon > My Time > Time Off. 

Once you're on the request screen, choose the type of time in on the top,  then, choose "Start Request"  NOTE: if the "Start Request" button is grey, you may have forgotten to choose a time off type. Once you start the request, you can choose if you'd like to request, Full Day, Multiple Days, Partial Day(Bulk), Partial Day (Start/Stop). Once chosen, choose your dates, and enter a comment. 
Full Day = assumed 8 hours for the day chosen. 
Multiple Days = allows date range and assumes 8 hours per day
Partial Days (Bulk) = allows to choose a range of days less than 8 hours
Partial Day (Start/Stop) = allows you to choose in/out for the time frame requesting off rather than full hours. 

Once your request is submitted, your manager will receive the notification. They can approve or deny. Once approved, you will see the time populate on your timesheet. If the request is still pending, the request will show up as hashed time as seen below. If you receive any errors, you may be requesting time you do not have available or it's possible your company has greyed out time periods. Please reach out to your employer directly for any balance or blocked out issues. 

If you'd like to modify or Cancel Time Off - you'd handle via "Change Request". Choose Modify or Cancel Time Off. If you don't see the option availible, it means your company does not allow for this function. Please reach out to your employer. 

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