EIN Transfer

EIN Transfer

For clients with more than one EIN, there may be the need for an "EIN Transfer". The steps below will walk you through the process of terminating the employee in the current EIN and "Hiring" in the new EIN. The system will pull some of the employee information over from the original account but some data must be manually moved over to the new account, such as accrual balances, benefit settings, and potentially other settings depending on what other settings may be active based on specific companies. 

Begin by Hamburger menu – Team – Employee. You will click on the “HIRE” button.

You will fill in the First and Last name then hit continue.

 This screen will be next:

You will need to enter the birthdate and social security. After the SSN is entered, the employee demographics will appear in the employee record. The employee demographic will auto-populate and be greyed out, indicating the info pulled over. It will ask if you want to sync the information and you say yes. You will enter the correct EIN at this point as well. It can take a few minutes to populate.

 Now you will show two records. Next step is terminating the record you do not want.

Go to the Active Account’s Employee Profile page. In the top right hand corner, you will see “Switch Primary EIN”. Use this button to change the Primary Account to the other EIN you are targeting. Once complete, Terminate the other record.

When terminating employees, the action would be almost the same as a single user. Although the employee has a single account to toggle, the admin will still see 2 employee records as seen below. By pulling "Company EIN" into any views, you can see the difference between the which account the employee record belongs to.


To terminate one of the accounts, choose the box next to the record, then choose "Terminate" in the upper right. Follow the term prompts to complete the process.

Once the employee is termed, the roster will update showing only the one active account for this employee.



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