Company Admin Login Overview

Company Admin Login Overview

Please login using your customized company landing page OR enter your Short Name on this LINK for redirection to your landing page. 

Once logged in follow along with the video. 

This video highlights the overview of the Green Leaf E‚Äčlevated system in order to help understand general navigation and terminology. 

When logging into the site, on this video, we are the "Company Administrator" meaning that we have FULL access to functionality within the company. We also have levels of managers below that may only have access to timekeeping or HR functions. Depending on your level of access, your view may be slightly different. 

The main navigational tools to take note of are as follows: 

Reports Dashboard: This dashboard will allow you to click through the topics and see live reports and data at a glance. Once in any graph, you can click the blue hyperlink of the report name to drill into the data making up the graph or report. If you do not see any reports or dashboards, please reach out to your payroll specialist or HRC for assistance. 

Widgets: Widgets are more of our action items for easy navigation on your most frequented functions. When hovering over the Widget Icon, you will see hyperlinks appear, taking you to the action item you are trying to accomplish easily. You can also navigate via the Hamburger Menu, but the Widgets are your shortcut. 

Your Dashboard: This dashboard has more information specific to you as an employee and your role within the company. Each tile is configurable via the three dots, that we call the "Ellipses". You can also click on the blue hyperlink on the upper left corner of any tile to go into the reporting or full function of the tile. NOTE: if a user's clock does not have punch in/punch out function, please refer to the employee profiles to configure. 

The Hamburger Menu: The Hamburger Menu, allows you to have full navigation and an easy way to search for any action or report you're looking for. 

Once you click the Hamburger Menu, you can then either search the top bar, or you can navigate via the 4 sections below, which are separated by the following:
Gear Icon = Company Settings
Team Icon = Team Functions and Reports
Personal Icon = Your Personal Info
Star Icon = Favorites (you can save favorite reports, etc. for easy access)

Here's a full video walk through of the site for understanding of how the functionality works. For more in depth videos on any one function, please search the Knowledge Center to see functions start to finish on the criteria of interest. 

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