Compumatic Time Clock - User Guide

Compumatic Time Clock - User Guide

Congratulations on your new Compumatic Time Clock! This clock is capable of face recognition, proximity badge recognition, or simple pin entry recognition. 
If you'd like to purchase badges, please reach out to your service representative at Green Leaf. 

Now that you've received the clock, you'll need to get create your employee profiles at the clock. 

STEP 1: Employee ID Numbers
For all current employees, you'll need to utilize the assigned Employee ID found within Green Leaf Elevated to create their profile at the physical clock. To find and verify the correct Employee ID number, within Green Leaf Elevated, navigate to the Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > My Team > Employee Information. Once here, you should see the Employee ID number as seen below as an option (Image A). Once here, you can export the file for reference during setup (instructions below titled " Export Instructions"). Ultimately, the physical clock AND Green Leaf Elevated will rely on this number to communicate punch data to one another. Employee ID numbers will need to be manually entered into the clock for registration. 

Image A -Employee List View:

Export Instructions: 
Within the Employee Information Screen, click "Page" and choose 200 from the dropdown. This will ensure all employees are listed. Choose the ellipses in the upper right corner, choose "Export", then choose your desired output. 

Registering Employees in the Clock & Establishing Facial Profile, Badge, OR PIN Entry

For new clocks and all new hires, the employees will need to be added to the clock manually, as well as take a face scan, badge OR pin entry to save their profile to the physical clock and to begin punching in and out. 

To add the employee: On the clock, select New User > Select User ID > enter the Employee ID number > Then select your method of access for this employee (ex. Badge, Face, or PIN (Password)> then follow prompts on the clock to either scan in a face, swipe a badge, or enter a PIN.*Important* the clock is only looking at the User ID/EE ID field, it is not necessary to type out an employee's full name when creating their profile. This will save time and add security to the roster built within the clock. 

If an employee is already in the system but needs a facial scan, badge or PIN added to their existing profile, visit the Menu> Select All Users > search/select the user from the list > select Edit > select Face, Badge, or PIN (Password) then follow prompts on the clock to either scan in a face, swipe a badge, or enter a PIN. 

You can verify that an employee's profile has been successfully saved by going into the Users menu> Select All Users > search/select the user from the list> search by Employee ID. 

Now you're done!

When the employees now go up to the clock, the system will recognize their face, badge, or PIN and clock them in or out, depending on the last punch. They will simply need to be within range and show their face straight to the clock. 

For all timesheets, change requests, etc. please log in to the Green Leaf Elevated platform and navigate to timesheets to view, edit, or submit change requests. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your assigned payroll or implementation specialist. 

For clients with more than one clock, you can either copy the data from one clock to the next via USB OR the best practice is to have the employee registered at each clock to ensure the clock has the optimal recognition. 

To copy scans from one clock to another, go to the physical clock and on the menu, locate USB Manager. Download the user data to a USB, then when going to the clock to add the data, use the USB Manager to load the data from the USB to the clock. The USB port is on the left of the clock. Be sure to connect to Wi-Fi or hard wire to the network. If the clock loses connection, simply power it off and then back on to reset it. 


Employees are punching in however the punches are not showing on their time sheets. 
Most often this is because your clock having trouble connecting to the internet. Please attempt to hardwire your clock to your router where possible. If this is not possible, Ensure your clock is nearby to the wi-fi source as your clock maybe be disconnecting from the IP Address, thus causing a failure. Common issues we find in warehouse applications/retail applications is that one large wall or any items blocking the router could ultimately cause failure. 

We require employees to be clocked out for a minimum amount of time, how can we establish custom parameters at the clock for this? 
If you require employees to be clocked out for a minimum time for lunch you would need to set up a "Duplicate" period, which would essentially tell the clock to not allow punches back for a certain time frame. To do so, on the clock navigate to Menu > System > Attendance > Duplicate Punch Period - Then enter the amount of time such as 29  or 30 for example. When the employee tries to come back from lunch at any time before this period, they will get an alert that says " "Duplicated Punch, Thank you". Please be sure to train your staff that this alert essentially means they are restricted from punching in early. If they need to refer to the time they punched out, they can do so on their timesheet in the web application. 
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