Updating an Employee from Hourly to Salary

Updating an Employee from Hourly to Salary

In this article we will review the steps to update an employee from Hourly to Salary.
** Please note that it is highly encouraged to make this update after the last hourly payroll is processed in the system to ensure the employee's last hourly pay statement is accurate.

Step 1: Navigate to the employee's profile and then select the "Profiles & Manager Assignments" Tab.



Step 2: Select the profiles arrow on the right hand side of the screen to expand the profiles section.

Step 3: Now that you can see all of the profiles that are assigned to an employee, you will want to update all of the following profiles from the previous hourly profiles to the new salary profiles. Below is a list of profiles to update:
  • Timesheet Profile

  • Pay Calculation Profile

  • Accrual Profile (If applicable)


A screenshot example is provided below:


Step 4: Select the "Payroll" Tab on the employee's profile and then find the "Pay Information" section.


Step 5: Update the Employee Type and Pay Type fields for the employee.


Step 6: Stay on the current "Payroll Tab" and find the "Base Compensation" section. Select the "+ Add" button.



Step 7: Enter the date this new salary amount should take affect on in the "Effective From" box. Then select a reason code, enter the new salary amount and ensure that per hour is no longer selected. Select the Amount Earning Autopay to be "Salary*" and ensure that the Autopay Type is set to "Both". An example of this is shown below.

**Please note that future dating this date is not an option and the new salary will take affect immediately in the next payroll run. 

Once you have completed all of these steps, the employee will be all set to receive their new salaried amount on the next payroll. 

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