How to Upload Employee Documents

How to Upload Employee Documents

We'll cover how to manually upload documents and files to an employee's profile in the system. As an administrator, you will have access to various employee profiles. This process will be specific to the employee you wish to upload documents.

 Step 1: Selecting the employee profile 

In order to add a new hire, you can either navigate to the My Employees widget on your dashboard or navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team Tab > My Team > Employee Information.



Once there, you'll see in the view below all available employee profiles. Click on the highlighted icon to open an employee profile. The icon should look like a person in front of a square frame.



 Step 2: Navigating the employee profile 

Once in the employee profile, you'll see various tabs underneath the name and photo icon of the employee. Click on the HR tab to view available HR-related quick links. We will want to be in this tab for uploading documents.


 Step 3: HR Tab in the employee profile 



On the left-hand side will be an index of quick links to navigate the employee profile quickly. Scroll until you see the Employee Documents quick link. Click the text to be navigated to the Employee Documents section of the employee profile.


 Step 4: Uploading documents to the employee profile  

Click the Add New button in the Employee Documents section to select your documents. A pop-up screen will appear. In this pop-up, please note that there is a maximum of 5 files that may be uploaded at a time. Should you wish to upload more than 5 files at a time, you can always compress your files into a "Zip" file on your computer, then upload them as one file into the system.


To select your files, press the Choose button. Your files will appear on your computer to select from. Choose your file and click Open.


Once you see the file appear in the pop-up, you have the option to change the Display Name and Document Type. If you want to change the Display Name, simply highlight and delete the text in the box and replace it with a file name you wish.


To select a document type to classify the file as, click the drop-down arrow underneath Document Type. Click the type that best applies to the document you are uploading.



When the file is ready to be uploaded, click Upload.


If your file upload was successful, you should see the green success message pictured below:

As a final and important step, click the Save button at the top right of the employee profile to save all changes made to the profile. You will see a green successful-save message as pictured below when complete:



That concludes the process of manually uploading documents to an employee profile. To learn how documents are automatically added to an employee's profile, please go to Sending a Custom Form. 

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