W-2's - Location & Electronic Consent

W-2's - Location & Electronic Consent

Year End Information


After the year has ended, W2s will start to be processed. Be sure to check all of your personal information on files such as Social Security Number, Address, and your Name. Your name should be your legal name and no special characters other than a hyphen. If you find that your address is out of date, please follow the steps on updating your personal information prior to year-end HERE. For any changes to your SSN and/or your Name, please reach out to your direct manager.


How to find your W2:


To find your W2 in the system, navigate to Hamburger Menu > Single Person Icon > My Pay > Forms > W2


Once there, choose the "magnifying glass" icon to view your form. You can download it from there.





How to Give Consent to Receive My W-2 Electronically


In the system, you may opt to only receive your W-2 Electronically on your Green Leaf Portal. This must be done BEFORE the end of the current tax year in order to take effect. If you do so, please keep in mind that you WILL NOT receive a paper copy in addition to your electronic copy. In order for your employer to send you electronic copies only, you must sign off consenting to this method of delivery. Once you consent to electronic copies of your forms, the system will assume this election for future tax years unless you revoke the electronic consent. Please see how to "Elect Electronic Consent" and how to "Revoke" below. If you have any questions, please reach out to your direct manager.


To give Electronic Consent, login to your account, navigate to the Hamburger Menu > Single Person Icon > My Pay > Forms > W2


Now that you're here - choose "Electronic Consent" seen below.


Once chosen, the box will pop up as seen below. Check the box then hit SAVE. At that point, you will be prompted to enter your password as your electronic consent.



You're all set! As long as you did this prior to year-end, you will receive only a soft copy of your W2 online and your employer will NOT send a hard copy.



To Revoke Electronic Consent:


If you wish to receive a hard copy of your W2 and are currently enrolled in electronic forms, you must "Revoke" your electronic consent.


To do so, login to your account and navigate to the Hamburger Menu > Single Person Icon > My Pay > Forms > W2


Once there, choose the "Electronic Consent" button on the upper right. If you're currently enrolled, the pop-up box will appear with the box already checked for "Receive Form W2 Electronically" as seen below. Simply "UNCHECK" the box and SAVE.



Once the box is unchecked and SAVE is chosen, you will be prompted to enter your password. After you enter your password, the pop up as seen below will reflect your election.



Be sure to make any changes to your election prior to year-end and note that any current selection will reflect any future tax years until you make future changes.


If you have any questions about your W-2, please reach out to your employer directly.

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