Warning Skipped Employee No Data

Warning Skipped Employee No Data

When processing through the "Time Prep" steps of timekeeping preparing hours for payroll the step of "Reapply Pay Calculations" may yield the below error/Warning of "Skipped Employee Tori Spelling(EE NAME) (120), No Data



This is completely normal. This is saying either these employees are "Salary" and had no hours to process including Time Offs, or that the hourly employee had no hours. The only time to be alarmed by this "Warning" is if an hourly employee who DID have hours was on this list.


If that is the case, the hourly employee may not have the proper Pay Calc profile assigned. If so, go to the employee record (Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > My Team > Employee Information) - locate Profiles and "Pay Calc Profile. Update to the proper hourly pay calc profile. Once this is complete navigate back to the Time Prep steps (Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Payroll > Process Payroll > click "Go to Time Prep"



Then click "Reapply Pay Calculations" (doing this again will capture the changes but do nothing to all employees set up correctly)



This time around your "Warning" should not include the employee you updated.


You may now move on to "Process Records". If you already processed records before updating the pay calc, you will want to "Process Records" again to capture the changes.


If you have further questions please reach out to your assigned representative. 

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