West Virginia

West Virginia

The state of West Virginia requires both a Withholding Tax ID and a State Unemployment Tax ID, both formats and links to apply are below. 
Withholding Tax ID
Link to
Agency Contact Info: West Virginia State Tax Department Taxpayers Services Division P.O. Box 3784 Charleston, WV  25337-3784 (304) 558-3333, or (800) 982-8297
Format: ####-####
Applied For: Not Accepted

Unemployment Tax ID
Agency Contact Info: WorkForce West Virginia 1900 Kanawha Blvd E Building 3, Room 400 Charleston, WV  25305 (304) 558-2676
Format: 0000#####-#
Applied For: Accepted

Charleston, Fairmont, Huntington, Parkersburg, Weirton, Wheeling

After a new tax ID has been received, please send all documentation showing proof of the tax ID obtained to the Tax Department by submitting a Tax Ticket. Choose "Need to Add Tax Jurisdiction/Obtained Tax ID" from the ticket reason drop down. It's best practice to add new tax ID's before processing payment for employees within the jurisdiction. 

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