Employee Tax Settings

Employee Tax Settings

For optimal accuracy, we recommend that employees manage their tax settings directly through our online self-service options. If you would like to encourage the employee to update their own tax settings, provide this guide. Employees can change their settings as often as they'd like throughout the year. When updates are made, the administrator would process the change, and the change will then take place on the next payroll. Should the need arise for an administrator to update the employee's tax settings on behalf of an employee, please refer to the article below for guidance.


Step 1: Locate Employee

From your home screen choose "My Employee Roster"

Once the roster is displayed, find the employee and choose the "Employee Info" icon.

Step 2: Update Federal Tax Settings

Within the employee info screen, click on the Payroll Tab > Tax Information




To add new settings (which will override the current), click "Add"

Choose all options that apply. Once finished click on the "Add" button.

Step 3: Update State Tax Settings

If the employee is updating Federal and State, you must follow the same steps above but choose the State that is applicable. For example, if the employee was in California.


If State employee moved to is not present, be sure to follow this article to ensure all employee settings are correct if there was an address change.

Also, if the employee is in {Indiana, Washington, South Carolina, Alaska, West Virginia, Louisiana and New Jersey } please follow additional steps found in this Article.


Step 4: Update Unemployment State (if applicable)

In the State tax tab go down to the Unemployment State and click on the "Edit" button

Select the add button, in the new line add the state and add the date you are adding the tax. Click the "Save" button.


Settings are now changed. If there is a pay statement currently in progress, the pay statement will need to be recalculated to take the new changes into account.



How to View All Employees Tax Settings

If you'd like to see a report with all employees tax settings follow the steps below.

Go to the Hamburger Menu > Team Tab > Payroll > Employee Payroll Maintenance > Taxes. Choose Taxes.



Once on the report all settings will be present. If you'd like to see which employees are currently set to "Block" withholdings, update the filter to the following:


State Income Tax:

Federal Income Tax:


If you'd like to reach out to the employees to alert them of their blocked status (also known as exempt), you can add the employee's email address to the report through the ellipses  > Add remove columns > search email and add the employee's email address. Then you can export the report to quickly email a group of staff as an alert.



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