How to Add a New Withholding Form

How to Add a New Withholding Form


This guide will outline the steps of how to add a new withholding form in the Elevated System.

Adding New Withholding Form(s)

1. Navigate from your menu to the My Info Tab > My HR > Forms > Government Forms > Withholding.

2. From this report, select the Add New button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

3. From the pop-up, select the + Add next to the withholding form you wish to add.
Please keep in mind that the forms you see below may not be the forms you see available for your account. If you're not sure which forms to add, please consult with your HR and/or Payroll Teams internally.

4. Complete the form and submit as needed for processing.

If you need assistance in completing the Federal Withholding Form, please navigate to this guide:

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