How to Terminate an Employee

How to Terminate an Employee

This article will cover the steps required to terminate an employee within the system. Green Leaf’s termination process typically consists of an administrator or manager initiating the termination, finalizing the process, and completing any steps that occur once the employee has officially been terminated via a checklist.

Please be aware that this guide is not all encompassing and that the termination process is customized per client. If you have any questions regarding a specific field within the termination screen and its purpose, please reach out to your HR Consultant or the email for more information.

Step 1: Locate Employee and Initiate Termination

In order to terminate an employee, you can either navigate to the Employee Roster start button on your dashboard or navigate from your menu to the Team Tab > My Team > Employee Information

From the Employee Information report, use the filters at the top of the report to locate the employee you're going to Terminate. Once located, select the Checkbox to the left of their record and select the Terminate button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: Complete & Submit Termination Details

In the following screen that appears, update all information in regards to the employee's termination. Please be aware that any fields marked with a Red Asterisk are required and must be completed before submitting the action. Additionally, please be aware that the fields that appear in this screen may vary depending on what information/benefits the employee may have available.

Account Status - Select the Terminated option from the drop-down
Terminated Date - Enter the employee's Termination Date
Rehireable - Select the checkbox if this employee will be eligible for re-hire at your company
Termination Reason - Select the reason for termination using the provided drop-down
Termination Notice - Enter whether a notice was given or not
Termination Notes - Enter any additional details regarding the employee's termination

Assets - If your company is utilizing assets and they are assigned to the employee, select the ellipses under the Actions column and select to either Return Asset or Mark as Lost/Destroyed
  1. If you mark the asset as Returned, a pop-up will appear for you to identify the return date as well as any additional notes
  2. If you mark the asset as Lost/Destroyed, a similar pop-up will appear for you to identify the lost/destroyed date as well as any additional notes

Security Profile - Please be sure to update this to Terminated Employee* to disable the employee's access to the system (Terminated employees will still be able to access pay stubs and W2s)
Payroll End Dates - Enter all dates that benefits, earnings, & deductions will be ending while also identifying how they were issued their final check

Once finished entering all termination information, please select to SaveSubmit the termination. Please note that once you have submitted the action, a to-do item will appear in your to-do bell to terminate the employee. Please do NOT select to terminate the employee from your to-do items until the actual termination date.

Step 3: Finalizing Termination

After submitting the termination and you are ready to finalize the termination, please navigate to the to-do bell and locate the Terminate Employee to-do item for the correct employee. Once located, select the Terminate button in the lower right-hand corner.

Please Note: If the employee has any time entries entered after the termination date (i.e., Future time off requests), an Items to Resolve pop-up will appear with options to Ignore or Delete. You can also review each time entry by selecting the View link next to each alert. Additionally, if the employee has any accruals past the termination date, select to Rollback. Once each item has been resolved, please select to finalize by clicking the Terminate button in the pop-up window. You can learn more about termination resolutions Here


Step 4: Complete Termination Checklist

After the termination has been processed, an administrator and/or manager will potentially need to complete a Termination Checklist. This checklist will sometimes contain items specific to your company. However, there will always be one specific item included in regards to the system, which is to unlock the terminated employee's account. When employee's are terminated, they are automatically locked out of the system for security reasons, so if you want to allow employees to log in after they've been terminated then someone will need to unlock their account.

You can access the Termination Checklist from your home page by either selecting My Checklists tab within the My Mailbox window or by clicking the Bell icon in the upper right-hand corner. On the next page, select My Checklists tab at the top, locate the new employee's checklist, and select Open Checklist.

Within the checklist, you will be taken directly to the Password Unlock screen. From this view, use the lookup icon to locate the employee's account. Once you've selected their account, choose to Apply within the pop-up window and then select Unlock in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Now that the employee's account is unlocked, you can select the Mark as Complete button within the checklist item to complete the checklist.

At this point, the Termination Process is officially Complete and the employee's account will officially be terminated!

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