How to Re-Hire an Employee

How to Re-Hire an Employee

This article will cover the steps required to re-hire an employee into the system. This process is very similar to Adding a New Hire with a few key differences, which are all explained below. 

Please be aware that this guide is not all encompassing and that the re-hire process is customized per client. If you have any questions regarding a specific field within the re-hire screen and its purpose, please reach out to your HR Consultant or the email for more information.

Step 1: Locate and Re-Hire Employee
Navigate from your menu to the Team Tab > My Team > Employee Information. From this report, use the filters at the top of the report to locate the Employee's terminated account. Please be aware that you may have a filter in the Employee Status column that automatically removed terminated employees, which should be removed in order to find the employee's account. Select the Checkbox to the left of the Employee's record and click the Rehire button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If multiple Rehire options are available, please select the correct option.

Step 2: Confirm Employee Information

In the following screen that appears, you will be prompted to update the employee's  to Active, provide an appropriate Re-Hired Date, and confirm that their Primary Email Address is accurate.

In the sections that follow, please be sure to confirm that the employee's personal and employment information are accurate based on any changes that may  have occurred from their previous employment.

Autopay Schedule - If the employee is salaried, please be sure to set the appropriate Autopay Schedule (Directly below Base Compensation) by selecting the + Add button.

Tax Information - Be sure to update the employee's Jurisdiction & Unemployment State within the State tab of the Tax Section.
Once finished updating the returning employee's information, select the Submit button to re-activate their account.

Step 3: Completing the Employee's Re-Hire Checklist

Once this action has been submitted, the employee will automatically be assigned a Re-Hire Checklist to their account. Similarly to the new hire process, any users assigned to Verify I9s and Process Withholding Form(s) will receive notifications upon employee completion. As an additional step, administrators and/or managers will need to manually send the Welcome Email to the employee. The Welcome Email only sends automatically to brand new users in the system, so if an existing account is being re-activated they will not receive the email unless it is manually sent to them.

Step 4: Sending the Welcome Email

From your menu, navigate to the Team Tab > My Team > Employee Information. From this report, use the filters at the top of the report to locate the Employee's re-activated account. 

Select the Checkbox to the left of the Employee's record and select the ellipses (three dots) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose the option to Send Account Created Email. In the confirmation pop-up that appears, select to Send and the employee will immediately be sent a Welcome Email with their login credentials and instructions to get back into the system.

Once you've sent the Welcome Email to the employee, they will then be able to gain access to the system and complete all onboarding paperwork as needed. Once onboarding is complete and all forms have been verified, the employee will officially be complete and ready for payroll processing.

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