How to Hire a New Employee

How to Hire a New Employee

How to Hire a New Employee


This article will cover the steps required to add a new hire to the system. Green Leaf’s new hire process typically consists of an Administrator initiating the new hire, the New Hire receiving an email to log in and complete their new hire paperwork (tax documentation, withholding elections, direct deposit details, etc.), and finally the Administrator reviewing and processing information.


Step 1: Initiating a New Hire


In order to add a new hire, you can either navigate to the My Employees widget on your dashboard or navigate to Hamburger Menu > Team Tab > My Team > Employee Information.



Once there, select the Hire Button and click the pencil next to the type of account you are going to add to your system (Employee or Non-Employee User).


Step 2: Add New Hire Information


Add all information available about the employee. Below will cover the basic new hire data that is collected, but please note that there may be additional items required specific to your account. You should have the employee's basic information available before initiating the new hire (First and Last Name, Hire Date, Contact email, etc.).


Please Note: if you are a company with multiple EINs, you should also have the employee's Social Security Number and Date of Birth before continuing.



Step 3: Managers and Departments/Cost Centers:


Choose which Manager(s) the employees should report to. By adding a manager during this stage, the manager will instantly have access to the new hire and will also ensure that all workflows in the new hire process that require manager action will be routed to the correct person.


  • Default Cost Center (Department): Select the Department the employee is in for accounting purposes

  • Default Worksite/Delivery Location: Select the state/location the employee will be taxed in and have paychecks delivered to

  • Default Workers Comp Code: Select the appropriate Workers Comp Code classification (Maintained by Payroll Team)

  • Default Job: Select the position you are hiring the new employee into

    • Note that any information loaded into Jobs set as a default (located at Hamburger Menu > Gear Tab > HR Setup > Jobs) will pull into employee details after selection

  • Reason Code: Select the reason you are adding the New Employee to this position (Typically set to New Hire)

    • Note that this field will not appear until you've selected the Default Job mentioned above

  • Employee Type: Select whether the employee is Full-Time/Part-Time and/or Exempt/Non-Exempt

  • Pay Type: Select whether the employee is Hourly, Salary, or 1099





Step 4: Base Compensation (Pay Rate)


Edit the employee's Base Compensation by selecting the ellipses under the Actions column and then Edit (Don't select + Add), and ensure the number of Pay Periods in Year is correct.


If an employee is a salaried employee, be sure to set the Amount Earning Autopay to Salary* and the Autopay Type to Both.


Here is an article on Base Compensation for more details. 



If the employee is a Salary Employee, please be sure to tie the appropriate Autopay Schedule (directly below Base Compensation) by selecting the + Add button and selecting the employee's average daily number of hours from the options available.


Step 5: Update Unemployment State


Click the Pencil Edit Icon on the State Tab and select the appropriate Unemployment State from the dropdown menu. (Do not complete any other information, as the employee will be completing their own tax documents within the system)


Please Note: If the needed unemployment state is not available for selection, please reach out to your designated Payroll Specialist and/or HR Consultant to have it added.

After adding the Unemployment State, click "+Add" abode jurisdiction and select the state again, before clicking submit.



Step 6: Benefit Profile and Pay Calculation


Select the appropriate Benefits Profile for the employee and the appropriate overtime information from the Pay Calculations selection list. Depending on the states that your company operates in, there may be specific OT Calculation requirements, so please be aware when making your selection.


Step 7: Finalizing Profiles


Please Note: Some of this information may pre-fill depending on information previously selected, please be sure to confirm any/all details before submitting.


  • Accrual Profile: Select the appropriate profile based on your rules for Sick & PTO accruals

  • Pay Period Profile: Choose the pay period profile the employee belongs to (Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, etc.)

  • Timesheet Profile: Timesheet Profiles dictate the interaction the employee has with your time clock(s) (The most common options are Hourly or Salary)

    • If your company allows some employees to toggle between jobs, you may have additional profiles to choose from

  • Timesheet Auto Population Policy: This profile indicates what information auto-populates on employee timesheets (Holidays and/or Schedules)

  • Security Profile: This profile indicates what information within the system employees have access to view/edit (if they will be able to edit/add custom materials to send to other employees, etc)

    • Keep in mind that if your employee will be utilizing the mobile application, choose the Employee related security profile that references mobile app access

  • Role Profile: This profile currently doesn't plan a major role in the system and is primarily meant for informational purposes only



Step 8: Save and Submit


After submitting the New Hire Action, the employee will receive the Welcome Email. This is an employee's first point of contact with the system and will include directions and a link to login to access their profile. Once they've logged in, they will be able to complete their new hire paperwork via a Checklist that is automatically assigned. At that point, the employee will be able to fill out all personal information and fill out all documents assigned within the checklist.


Step 9: Completing New Hire after Employee Finishes New Hire Checklist


After the Employee completes their New Hire Checklist, the Administrator will receive an email notification that the employee has completed their portion of the checklist. You can access your portion of the checklist from your home page either by selecting My Checklists from the mailbox or by clicking the Bell Icon in the upper right-hand corner. On the next page, select My Checklists from the tabs at the top, find the new hire you're looking to complete, and click Open Checklist.






Step 10: Complete New Hire Checklist


The items on the left will include verifying the Employee's I9, which you can do by clicking on Verify I9 Form, locating the employee by name in the report to the right of the page, verifying that the Status is set to Employee Completed, and then clicking on the Pencil Icon. 



Complete Section 2 of the employee's I9 and then select SAVE AND VERIFY to process the form. After verifying the form, be sure to click Mark as Complete at the bottom of the Verify I9 Form Checklist Item to the left of the page.

Another common Checklist Item, Process Withholding Form(s), should also be available. This item will prompt you to review the employee's Federal and State (if applicable) withholding forms.  


In the Process Withholding Form(s) checklist item, locate the employee by name in the report to the right of the screen, verify that the Status is set to Employee Completed, and then click on the Pencil Icon. Review the document for errors and then select the Process button. In the pop-up window, confirm which changes will be effective and click the Apply Changes button, and be sure to Mark it as Complete after you've processed all of the employee's withholding form(s).



The last item, the Notice to Employee (2810.5) Form, is only applicable to Non-Exempt Employees in California. If this employee is not in the state of California and/or is Exempt, you may simply Mark it as Complete and skip this item. If the employee is non-exempt and/or lives in the state of California, please be sure to complete the steps below.


You will complete the pay rate information on page one, and on page 2 you will type your name into the Representative Name field, enter the date, and select Sign using your login password. Once the above items have been completed, select Submit so that the form is sent to the employee to acknowledge their sign-off receipt of the document. Once submitted, this item should automatically Mark as Complete.



At this point, the New Hire is considered Complete and they are ready for payroll!!


If you receive an error during processing payroll looking for the employee's home address, or social security number, it could mean the employee did not finish their new hire paperwork. Be sure to update this data before finishing payroll or have the employee log in to complete all steps as soon as possible.


Remember that if the New Hire does not log in within 72 hours of receiving the Activation Email, their account may become locked. To unlock the account, see this Article

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