Welcome to Green Leaf Elevated!


We are excited to introduce you to the platform. While the system is robust, we hope with proper training, the system will become second nature to you. While you work on getting to know the system, we wanted to provide you with the most commonly used articles and questions to help get you familiar with the system and Green Leaf processes. As soon as you have access to the system, feel free to use any articles to maintain your company/employee data.


System Overview:


  • How does a user get access to the system?

    • If you have current employees when transitioning to Green Leaf, the employee roster will be imported into Green Leaf with the current data provided from your previous provider. The Implementation Team will then determine a date you'd like all current employees to receive their activation email to be sent. At the time the email is received, the user can then use the link provided in the email, the user name (typically First Initial + Last Name), and the temporary password to login. When they login the first time, they will be prompted to update their password and verify their identity through a Two-Factor Authentication process. This process essentially will give them the option to have a code texted or emailed to them to verify identity. If the contact info in the system for the code is out dated, the contact info would need to be updated and saved. Then the Two Factor setting would need to be reset to allow the new phone number or email to be present when the employee attempts to verify identity with the new data in the system.


  • Mobile App to Download: 


  • Why are my employees/users being locked out?

    • Typically if a new user has received an activation email and has not logged in within 72 hours, they will be locked out. They could also be locked out if they have attempted to use the wrong credentials too many times.

    • We recommend verifying that the failed attempts are in fact the employee. Then reset the password, unlock the account, and let the employee attempt again. You will need to notify the employee of the updated password if you manually key the password to the system.


  • What are profiles?

    • The system has the capabilities to cater to clients with one employee up to thousands, so the way that we can do so, is by having "Profiles" per type of setting that will be applied to the employee and dictate the settings for that user. The most commonly used profiles are related to Time Keeping (Timesheet Profiles, Pay Calc Profiles, Accrual Profiles, etc.) and Access Levels (Security Profiles). Typically, as you get going in the system you will be introduced to the most common profiles and as processes are built out such as Scheduling, or HR processes such as Performance Review, you will be trained to use additional profiles on your users. All profiles can be customized to your liking.

    • Here's an full overview of Profiles: https://greenleafbizsolutions.zohodesk.com/portal/en/kb/articles/payroll-tlm-profile-overview




Employee Maintenance:

  • Adding New Hires:

    • You can add new hires in a few different ways. The most common process for on-boarding your employees is electronically through the system, where the New Hire will receive the email to activate their account, then fill out all employee-related new hire paperwork through the system. If you prefer to key in the employee data, then you'd use the "Manual" process to add a new hire and they will still receive the Welcome Email upon adding them to the system. Lastly, if you'd like to add a user that is not an employee but needs access to the system, you can do so by adding similar to a new hire, but choose "Non-Employee User" for the HR Action in the article below.

      • If you have begun Implementation, please be sure to add any new hires you have to the Green Leaf Elevated system and your old system to ensure your roster is complete if the roster has already been imported.

      • Note, if you have more than one EIN within the Green Leaf system, you will always be required to enter new hires Social Security Number and Date of Birth upon adding to the system. This is how the system knows if the employee is already in the system under another EIN.

    • Here's an article on how to initiate a New Hire. https://greenleafbizsolutions.zohodesk.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-to-hire-a-new-employee


  • Changing Pay Rate or as we call it "Base Compensation":

    • The settings related to Base Compensation are essential to understand in order to ensure your employee is paid accurately. With the settings listed on the article, you can allow employees Salary to be entered in a per pay period fashion or by the annual amount and the system will pro-rate. You can also have the system base the change on specific dates, allowing you to update Base Compensation to take place in the future. Please see below article and utilize until you feel fully comfortable with the settings related to the Base Compensation Widget.

    • Here is the article on how to update base compensation: https://greenleafbizsolutions.zohodesk.com/portal/en/kb/articles/payroll-updating-employee-pay-rate-base-compensation


  • Adding/Changing Deductions:

    • Deductions and Auto Earnings can be added to the employee and set to process every pay, every scheduled pay, as well as on only specific payrolls. In order to add any deductions to employees, please follow the article below. If you have a garnishment or any type of garnishment that requires payment to a "Vendor" please send a copy of the Garnishment Order to your assigned Specialist and they will set up the Vendor and add the garnishment for you.

    • https://greenleafbizsolutions.zohodesk.com/portal/en/kb/articles/deductions


  • What is a Vendor?

    • A Vendor is a third party that needs to be tied to either a deduction or an earning code. Once a Vendor is set up, the data tied to the Deduction or Earning can produce payment to the vendor each payroll in the form of check, ACH, or can be used simply for reporting purposes. The most common Vendors would be Garnishment Agencies, Worker's Comp Vendors, 401K Vendors, and Unions. If you need to have a Vendor set up, please reach out to your Payroll Specialist and let them know any type of payment information.


  • Verifying Direct Deposit: 

    • We don't typically recommend updating direct deposit information on behalf of your employees, but rather encourage them to update the direct deposit info on file themselves by following this Article. If you do need to make changes for an employee or you'd like to verify info we imported, you can do so by navigating to the Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Payroll > Employee Maintenance > Direct Deposit - from there, you can see all active Direct Deposits and add new accounts. You can also maintain the direct deposit on the employee's record directly under the Payroll Tab.


  • Terminating Employees

    • When terminating an employee, we recommend following a Termination Checklist to ensure you properly add any termination notes, end date their access to the system, and any other details your company may track. We highly recommend terminating an employee as soon as the termination is complete in order to ensure you do not pay a terminated employee erroneously. When an employee is marked as termed and has active hours in the system, the hours will pull in to payroll but the system will alert the Payroll Team processing the payroll that the employee is terminated. This will give the Payroll Processing person the opportunity to pay or remove the pay statement. Some states allow for payment on the upcoming pay date, where other states require you pay the employee on the final day of employment and therefore you'd want to delete any current pay statements.

    • https://greenleafbizsolutions.zohodesk.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-to-initiate-a-termination-16-11-2021



  • How to change an employee from Hourly to Salary?

    • Here is a link to our KnowledgeCenter article that explains how to update an employee from Hourly to Salary.


  • What is my short name?

    • The Short Name is essentially your client number. If you have more than one account with Green Leaf, you may have the same Short Name for all EIN's if they are linked to the same instance. The Short Name is provided with the initial activation email to all current employees and new hires and will be used for the mobile app download as well as may be used when calling into the office for security purposes. If you're not sure of your Short Name but have the login landing page, look to the URL and the Short Name will be listed in place of the highlighted portion shown below.


  • What is VCA?  How does it work?  Why do I have to do this?

    • VCA or Virtual Code Authentication is a required functionality for all account users due to the system housing sensitive data. VCA protects your company and your employees from someone maliciously trying to login to the system on your employees behalf. This code will be sent to an email address or texted to a phone number that the employee specifies when they first login to the system. Company Administrators are responsible for verifying these email addresses or phone numbers as legitimate or the employee will be locked out of their account after 72 hours. Here is a link to our KnowledgeCenter article with additional information.




Time Keeping Maintenance:

  • How do employees clock in/out?

    • During implementation, we typically will identify the method in which you'd like your employees to be able to access the time clock. The common options are as follows:

      • Web - this would be using the web access with the users login and password. This is most common for employees who work on individual computers or a small staff that might share the same computer. Web access can be restricted to only allow for the user to use the clock function while on your company's IP address(s) if needed. The user will still be able to access the rest of the system while not on the IP for other functions such as submitting change requests, etc. A screenshot of what this looks like is below:




      • Web Clock - this would allow for employees to use the web but through a web link specific to only clocking in and out. The Web Clock has the ability to allow the user to use a Pin/Password combo to clock in and out, rather than requiring the employee to log all the way in. This is an ideal solution for a device used for multiple users. This option can also utilize the IP Address restrictions. The Web Clock can also allow users the ability to login if you'd like or restrict to only allow punching. Below is an example where the user is being required to enter user name/password then Clock In/Clock Out. This can also be replaced with the PIN/Password option. A screenshot of what this looks like is below:


  • Mobile App - if you'd like to have employees utilize the mobile app to clock in and out, they'd need to download the mobile app HCMtoGo and would need to have the Employee Security Profile that indicates mobile app access. Without this setting, the employee will be able to do other functions on the mobile app but will not have the ability to use the time clock. You can set GEO Fence parameters to your employees, where they will be required to be tied to an address of your choosing or company address in order to be able to clock in and out.


  • Physical Clock - if employees are restricted to use the physical clock, they will not see punch options when logging into the web. Most of the physical clocks we offer require a badge to be assigned to an employee in the system then register the badge to the clock for the punches to feed to the web timesheet. If you'd like to know about physical clock options, reach out to your Sales Representative.


  • How do employees update missed punches or any other corrections?

    • Employees will typically forget to punch or punch at the wrong time occasionally. Managers will have the ability to key in the corrections but we highly recommend having the employees request all changes through the change request function. When employees submit Change Requests the manager assigned to the employee will receive a notification that the employee needs to add a punch or needs a punch modification. In either instance, once the manager approves the change, the change will automatically update to the employee's timesheet and adjust the employees paid time. If the manager rejects, the manager will be required to enter a comment and the employee will be notified that the request has been denied. If managers update timesheets manually and the employee also submits a request for the same adjustment, the manager may receive an error that there are duplicate punches. The system does not know that the manual adjustment to the timesheet was meant to take the place of the change request. In that case, mangers should reject the duplicate request noting that the change was manually added to the timesheet.

    • This article will cover how an employee would submit a change request. https://greenleafbizsolutions.zohodesk.com/portal/en/kb/articles/timesheet



  • What do Managers need to do in order to prepare for Time Keeping?

    • The timesheet workflow starts with timesheets in an "Open" status which is the state the timesheet is in during a current pay period. After the pay period has ended, the employees must then "Submit" their timesheets. By default the employees timesheets will auto submit the day after the pay period has ended to ensure managers can begin working on the timesheets. After timesheets have been submitted, the managers would then "Approve" timesheets in order to allow the timesheets to process through to payroll. All timesheets MUST be Approved in order to process payroll. This would also apply to timesheets that have zero hours and employees that have been terminated. Ultimately if zero hours is correct, then the timesheet must be approved. If no hours are present, nothing will be paid in payroll.

      • Note - if timesheets are submitted or approved prematurely, the employee will be locked out of the timesheet. If additional punches or changes need to be made, the manager would need to "Reject" the timesheet to allow the employee to continue punching and/or submitting change requests. The employee can then submit again and the workflow would follow the same Open > Submit > Approve process.


  • How are Holidays Managed?

    • Holidays can be autopopulated onto employee's timesheets with the utilization of the TS Autopopulation Profile and the Holiday Profile. The Holiday profile declares what days throughout the year are considered Holidays for your company. The TS Autopopulation Profile looks at the Holiday profile and populates the holiday on the timesheet if the holiday is upcoming. If an employee is missing either one of these profile assignments, the holiday will not autopopulate on their timesheet. Please reach out to your assigned specialist for assistance if both of these profiles are assigned to an employee and the Holiday time is still not populating on their timesheet.


  • How do we enter "Extra Pay" or other types of pay to the timesheet other than hours?

    • Extra Pay needs to be enabled by your implementation specialist in the employee timesheet settings before this is available to see on the timesheets. Once this is enabled, "Extra Pay" becomes a selectable tab on the employee's timesheet. Here is a link to our timekeeping guide that covers how to add extra pay.

  • How do we check total hours before processing payroll?

    • Navigate to the Hamburger Menu > Team Icon > Time > Reports > Time Allocation > Detailed Hours Overview.

    • Please see our timekeeping guide for more information on checking time, linked here.


Payroll Maintenance:

  • How do we verify Deductions/Earnings?

    • Only users with a security profile of Company Administrator will have the ability to view Deduction and Earning Codes set up in the system by default. Company Admins should navigate to the Hamburger Menu > Gear Icon > Payroll Setup > Deduction Codes (or Earning Codes). Please note that Company Admins will only have the ability to view these so if you want anything updated, added or removed, please reach out to your assigned specialist so they can make these changes for you.


  • Where are payroll reports?

    • Here is an article about payroll-related reporting and the most commonly pulled reports.


  • Can reports be emailed?

    • Yes, reports can be emailed. Please reach out to your assigned specialist and list the specific report you would like to be emailed, as well as who should be receiving the emailed report.


  • How to Process Payroll with Time Keeping Integration:

    • Here is an article that lists all the steps to process payroll.

  • How to Process Payroll without Time Keeping Integration:

    • Please follow our payroll processing KnowledgeCenter article for a step by step guide. If you do not have time keeping in the system, please skip steps 3a-3i and 4c as they do not apply to processing payroll.


  • What are the deadlines to process payroll?

    • The deadline to process and submit your payroll is 2 days before your check date at 2pm PST. For example, if you have a Friday check date then the deadline would be Wednesday at 2pm PST. If you are having trouble making this deadline, please reach out to your assigned specialist to see if you can be granted a 30 minute deadline extension.


  • How do we process an unscheduled payroll?

    • Please reach out to your assigned specialist for assistance on setting up an off cycle (unscheduled) payroll. It is vital that they assist you to ensure that the pay period dates and check date are entered in correctly and follow our ACH guidelines. You can begin to process this payroll after the specialist has created it for you. Typically we would need to know 2 full business days before the check date.


  • How do I verify pay statements and how the pay statement was processed (direct deposit or live check?)

    • When previewing an employee's pay statement, you will be able to tell if this is going to via direct deposit or a check from the settings shown at the top of the pay statement. If you see a check number listed in the top right corner of the pay statement, along with an authorized signature than this would be a live check. If you see a voucher number listed in the top right corner, then this would be a direct deposit. You will also see the bank account listed for the employee that the funds will be sent to. Here is an article on how to view pay statements. 


  • How do we process a manual check?

    • Here is an article on how to process a manual check in Elevated.











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